Friday, August 5, 2016

Turn "Bad Drawers" into Cubbies! {My FREE French Provincial Dresser}

It was one of those swell days where someone sends you a furniture photo with a "you want this? come and get it" message.  Not being one to turn down free furniture - especially a french provincial set no matter it's condition - I jumped in my F150 and met up with big bearded man Nate Drumhiller and his Dad who nicely loaded it all into the truck for me.  I was already envisioning it with it's new gray outfit and white jewelry.
I would worry about the busted drawer when the time came....

But that drawer.  It had been put in backwards, and someone had once attempted to glue the face of it back on but it looked like it was hot glue (thanks for pointing that out, Brandon!)  No, hot glue doesn't hold wood on wood real well.  I decided in order to make the defunct drawer to be "refunct" I was going to have to try to pick all that glue out of the dove tails and ain't nobody got time fer dat.

Since another drawer had a broken handle, I decided the two drawers would just go bye-bye and I'd turn the top into a shelf (or cubbies, whatever).  I removed the middle wood piece and painted it all gray to match the outside.  The using a darker shade of gray, I pulled out my well worn rabat design stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I added the freshly white spray painted handles and had the finished product.  I'm so happy to have finally gotten to make over a french provincial dresser of my own after drooling over them on other people's blogs for years. Thanks Nate, for thinking of me when you had a storage unit full of potential instead of tossing it in the back dumpster!!:)

Don't trash it, rescue it! :)  Pin this image for later:

Stay tuned, because there were three more pieces besides this dresser!!

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  1. Great job, isn't it more fun to fix up somebody elses throw away than to buy new? I always get such great sense of accomplishment fixing up old stuff. Love the grays you used. Love stencil pattern used with darker gray on spot where drawers were.
    I had in my head to find piece of old furniture to turn into tv stand, not original idea but wanted to do it anyway. Was very tired of stand we had which had gotten theu Fingerhut.
    While browsing in thrift store found 6 drawer dresser in solid wood for $20. Not too big for our small living room. Had found really solid dresser at Habitat but at $150.00, don't think so and it was way too wide for our l/r. Hubs sanded her down then we painted her light gray like our walls. Didn't want it to stand out too much. Took top two drawers out, hubs put in flat board across empty spots and we got some medium hefty casters so it could more easily be moved on carpet. Hubs wasn't happy about casters but when it came time to put in house was glad I had insisted plus gives it rustic look. There's still something it needs to dress it up just a tad, thinking of some molding under top and around bottom. Thought maybe to paint front of drawers little darker gray. We did get some nice drawer pulls at HL 1/2 off. Or instead of painting whole drawer fronts stencil something in darker gray. Time to dig thru my stencils for something airy looking, not too intense.
    Can hardly believe what difference painting that dresser you got made in how it looks now, love it. Like drawer pulls much better in white.
    Have great weekend


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