Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Crazy Convex and Concave Mirrors

Concave or Convex?  How about one of each?
I picked these funky mirros up at an awesome garage sale in Iowa last summer and here's what they looked like:

Now seriously.  Could you pass that quirkiness up?  Not I!

I painted them slate blue - the same slate blue mistint that I painted my piano with, and a multitude of other projects because it's like the vessel of oil in the Old Testament that never went dry!

Then my partner in crime, Maran, helped me hot glue jute rope around the edge of the mirrors....

And then they sat on the shelf for months.  And months.  Until....  I found these decoupaged plaques in Saint Vincent DePaul for 75% off!  Not only did I score on the plaques, but I could use those screw-in rings for the top of my mirrors!!!!  

Happy, happy day.  The mirrors were finally able to hang with jute rope from a little gold metal loop that screwed into the top.  I put some polyurethane over the paint to seal it because the paint was scratching off the wood way too easily!

So the convex mirror is like one of those crazy mirrors in a fun house, and the concave... well it not only distorts, but it flips the image upside down!  And the only reason I remember the difference between convex and concave was from back in school when I had to memorize it for a test: concave is "caved" in.  See, something stuck. :)

I don't know.... but I think they have a nautical look to them. :)

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