Thursday, May 4, 2017

Watch This Boy Bedroom (Tobin's) Be Transformed In These Photos!

About four years ago, Tobin's teacher asked me how come I've never done a post on Tobin's bedroom. I didn't really have an answer, other than it just really wasn't all that exciting.  
Then we moved to the "Lefere Mansion" and tranformed his bedroom like none other!  But that was nearly three years ago and I STILL haven't done a post on it.... until now!

So I'm going to take you on a little photo journey of this bedroom with a few explanations along the way. Enjoy! :)

It started out wtih a yellowish tan carpet and LOTS of wallpaper.  At the far end, you can see the bathroom with it's red arpet (and what you can't see in that bathroom is the avacado green toilet, tub, and sink!).

Looking into what is now Ty's bedroom.  
Tobin's room is the room of doors. FIVE doors total!

I'm cleaning up all the junk the carpet pad left behind...  Note to future home renovators.  NEVER take the carpet out before you remove the wallpaper!  Then I could have just let all the paper and drips and mess fall on the carpet and rolled it all up and taken it out without worrying about my hardwood floors!!

If it wasn't for a boy moving into this room, I would have been tempted to keep that funky vintage flower paper!  It looked like sunshine!

Tobin was convinced when he started out that he could remove all the wallpaper himself - after all, it was going to be his room!  But after a few hours and finding ANOTHER flowered layer of paper underneath the one he was tearing off....  the smile you see started to fade to despair.

And in came the rented steamer and the grandma crew!

Not only did I rent the steamer, but after the walls were paper free and painted a beautiful shade of gray with white trim, I picked up a floor sander from All Star Rental.  I've never redone a hardwood floor before, so this was a first!  The old stain and varnish was so thick, our bank account was nearly depleted from paying for all the sandpaper I went through!  Dude.

And if I didn't change the sandpaper quick enough, it "spit" the gunk back out on the floor in a chunky, sticky mess.  I learned as I went...

At last!  Stain and several coats of Minwax Polyurethane. :)
What a beautiful sight!!!  The rustic rich look of this floor makes me GRIN.

Then came the awesome pallet loft bed that we spent $0 on - go Hubby!
Read about how this bed was made HERE.

And here's his room today!  Enjoy!

My mom used to be quite an artist and sold lots of paintings back in the 80's when Dad was laid off at John Deere to help make ends meet.  Over the years, people have given her back some of the paintings, or she's found them at garage sales and bought them back for me!  I love these saw blades in Tobin's room! :)  Now if we could just convince her to take up that paint brush once again....

He uses this  tall vintage wooden folding chair rather than a ladder to climb up into his bed.

Tobin's little "brag spot" along with a collection of vintage and new sports stuff like the old helmet, chippy bowling pin and mit that was my Dad's (I think??):

I found this old boat propeller on the curb in a stash of junk once.
Score!  It's mounted on some old barnwood with a big screw in the middle.
And you can see his dresser makeover HERE.

Thanks so much for checking out Tobin's room!!  

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  1. I love how his room turned out and that pallet bed is fabulous.

  2. What an awesome room for Tobin!!

  3. That is fabulous! I bet your son loves the room!

  4. OOOOOoooo wonderful! Thank you for the tip about the carpet and wallpaper. See, I pay attention! LOVE how the room turned out.
    I may not always comment on your blog posts (my bad) but I always enjoy them. Learn something new each time. Thank you always, Christina in FL

  5. I see where you get your vision from-your Mom is seriously talented. Awesome start to finish as usual. Love your standards and hard craftsfamilyship*. *new word denotes a unified gender contribution.

  6. That carpet was hideous!!! The hardwood floors are drool-worthy!


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