Monday, October 16, 2017

SIX Projects With Old Lath boards

I've had a little obsession this month with lath boards!!!!
Want a peek at some of my lath projects?

Let's start out with this nightstand drawer!  
This drawer was a curbside find that I painted black and glued lath boards on the back.  Standing up, it made a great shelf!  I used wood glue and metal corner braces for the shelf.

Can you tell I'm not only on a lath kick, but a succulent kick?
The kind I don't have to keep alive, by the way!
I know, I know, you're not supposed to be able to kill them too easily but one can never be too sure!

Maybe I should back up!  Just where are lath boards found?  In an old house.  Like in this picture where I'm tearing the tile off the backsplash... see those narrow boards peeking out from under those tiles and grout??

This was just an empty frame that I filled with lath and then secured a wood bowl onto as a succulent "planter".

This one was a simple easy one, yet makes a big impact!  I had this little wooden box that a fellow antique mall boother (boother?) couldn't sell in his booth so he gave it to me.  I love this guy.  When he thinks something has sat too long in his booth, he unloads his stuff on me.  I love being on the receiving end of everyone's junk!  I painted the inside black, and then used my Ryobi air gun to nail lath boards around the outside.  I was so excited when one of my vintage license plates was the exact width of the one side!  Yes!

This furniture redo is one of my faves, and the lath boards came in handy here to put across the back.  So lightweight that you can't tell they are there when you pick this baby up.  Can't say the same for the barnwood I put on the bottom though...  But lath is definitely not sturdy enough to put books on!
(View the full post on this vintage stereo's before and after HERE).

And then there was this ugly wooden calendar hanger that I converted into a tray with lath.
Pretty!!!  The tray AND my friend Laura... :)

(View the full before and after post on this tray HERE.)

This was an old one I did for our garden shed.  It's been hanging for a few years and is a little more faded then it is in this picture!  Old Glory is still glorious. :)

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