Thursday, November 9, 2017

Love It Or Hate It: My Mirrored Wall... how I'm working with it!

 When I first walked in this house and laid eyes on that wall of mirrors, my first reaction was DUDE, it's like Grandma Snyder's dining room! Except I think her's even went a step further with gold flecks on the glass.  It was wild.  And I never thought a thing of it at the time!  (Did my brain make that up, Mom??  I can't find a picture to verify this memory...)  My second thought was, it must come down.

So there was never really any question on whether or not the mirrors stayed.  They had to go.   But the more we tore into things at this house, the more I realized that whatever the LeFere's did, they did to stay.  Forever.  Nothing was easy to rip out.  NOTHING.  I imagined each mirror being held up by something like Gorilla Glue, only multiplied by 100.  Along with being held up with all the moulding.  And then there were the people who walked in and gasped at the "awesome mirrors..." And I was like really?  I thing you have AMAZING taste... and you actually like the mirrors???   But then we'd be back to the others who would walk in and be like "Oh nasty mirrors, you're going to take those down, right?!"  So guess what?  Three years later, and I've decided to just WORK WITH 'EM, BABY!

So what's a girl to do?  You can't exactly put a nail into a mirror to hang a picture!  For awhile, I propped a big framed photo against it from the top of my sideboard.  But that really didn't cut it.

A family friend took some family photos of us this summer in Sheboyagan, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan so I had one of my favorite shots blown up on a huge canvas.  If you're curious, I used and ordered the 36" x 48" size. 
How exciting when that came in the mail!  I almost never spend money on home decor so this was kind of major for me. :)

Then enter hooks and chains..

I screwed to hooks into the top of the canvas and then two into the moulding up by the ceiling.  For a math challenged individual, I am quite proud of myself for this all matching up right!!

I found an old chain in the basement - this is when it pays to be a hoarder - and snipped it to size with a metal cutter.

So not only is a large portion of the mirror covered, the decor is hanging suspended, like it's meant to be that way.  And who doesn't want a larger than life canvas of themselves on the wall?  I mean, nobody every would believe that I could actually have a decent hair day so this proves that it HAS HAPPENED!

I know, my antique sideboard needs some serious help. The bottom door doesn't close all the way. It is crying for a refinish job.  I started sanding the top once... but well.... that's why it's covered with a table runner!  One that I quick made so I could take photos for this blog post.  Haha.

I had this fabric left over from my dining chairs (see those HERE) and I'm not much of a seamstress so I just cut the fabric nice and straight, adding some "fringe" on the ends
(mom's suggestion, thanks Mom)... and then searched through my stash (again, this is where it pays to be a hoarder!).  I found this long piece of white pompom trim that I must have cut off the bottom of a curtain once?  Well, it was just what this needed.  If you look close, you'll see I can't even sew in a straight line. And I was too lazy to switch the thread from light blue to white. Whatevs....  You do you and I'll do me.  Imperfect.

Picked up a pair of bronze deer at an estate sale to sell in my antique booth in Parma, but I just can't part with them.  So one has found a home here in the foyer.  Plus, I can't sell one of them because my wild boy was throwing a ball in the house and somehow an antler ended up on the floor, separated from his shiny head. :(

 So my mirrored wall is still going to greet you in the foyer when you open the door!  For now anyway.  And don't mind the curtains hiding that area in the back that is waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting.... to be a real closet some day.

View from the stairs!

And there you go, folks!  Now where did I put that Windex bottle.....

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  1. It looks good and what a beautiful family!!

  2. You don't seem quite convinced yet!
    That's an awesome photo btw! The colors are perfect-
    What about running some curtains down the mirrors to soften them up? Sort of like a Mercury glass focus? I wouldn't change a thing you've done, just take it one step further. Tidbits, I think had a window recently she ran several pannels of sheer curtains down...
    Anyway, you all should win a pretty people contest.

  3. I am on the side of 'I don't like the mirror' but I so love working with what you have more. 98% of us have homes with difficult to terrible things we deal with & learning how to live with the quirks makes much happier families. You've really done a stellar job with this one. It is beautiful!

  4. I've always loved your entryway! Such a pretty room & a creative way to hang the beautiful picture of your family.


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