Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Another Chair, Another Feed Sack

I'm always picking up chairs.  Yard sales, Habitat for Humanity, on the curb....

The above one I picked up a couple weeks ago at a rummage sale - isn't it GORGEOUS?!
And the one below, was my kind of deal - fifty cents at a yard sale!!

I painted both of them a super light aqua blue.  The bigger ornate one was really awesome to distress since red was the base coat.  I LOVE when some red peaks through!!!  Always adds some extra authentic-looking "oldness".  

So where did I get my feed sacks?
Here!  Here's where I got them!

From my buddy Calvin, who I buy my hen's feed from. :)
I just love the Old Parma Mill.  Isn't it totally picturesque??
Most of the feed sacks had been in a pile back in the elevator for so long they were too mildewy and stained to salvage.  I managed to get the bags that were good enough to keep clean, but did not manage to get all the stains out.  I tried a soapy bleach soak, but that almost faded the stamped words and stripes out completely!

After Calvin gave me some of the feed sacks (many of which were stamped and had local farmers names on them) he said two pickers from out of state pulled in asking for some.  He said he already gave them to the "gal down the road" but if they wanted to ask me for some, go ahead.  No, sorry dudes, these Parma bags are not leaving the area!! :)

This one is stamped "Property of Albion Elev. Co. Albion, Mich.
I think the little sewed up tear and the stains add some character and authenticity!

The stamp is rarely centered between the grain sack stripes so I'm never sure if I should center the fabric on the cushion using the stripes or the stamp!  

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You can find these chairs and lots more at the Parma Antique Mall:


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  1. So love reading your blog. Amazing taste and style as always Kammy. Oh and love the photo of Cal!!

  2. SWEEEEET! Nice score on the feed sacks! Brings back memories of being a tween and buying feed for my horses in flower printed cotton bags. We tossed those back then.
    LOVE the chair! Wow, didn't that turn out great!!!!!

    ~ Christina in SW FL

  3. I'm so in love with the chair with the arms-such a beautiful rustic look...I wish I had it in my dining room!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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