Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Welcome To Our House Christmas 2017!!

I'm not sure what has gotten into me this year but I actually put some thought and effort into decorating this place for Christmas this year!!  I usually stick with the bare minimum.  Christmas tree, some garlands, a few lights....  And I'm not saying I went ALL OUT, but for me to take EVERYTHING off my mantel and start from scratch is very un-Kammyish.  Not to mention switching out the pillows in my sunroom even. (Can I end a sentence with the word even?  Well I did).   I'm feeling like a total over achiever and the Christmas tunes have been blasting from my Pandora.  By the way, does anyone else have to hit the "thumbs down" like fifty times before they get the station they really want?  Or do I just have crazy good musical taste to have to fine tune it so much? :)


This blog is OVERLOADED with photos, but don't bale out because you have to see the very last photo - the house at night!  For the first time, Hubby finally hung some lights across the top!! 
I know, I know, they're not twirled around the pillars like I've been reeeeeally begging for every year, but I figure it's a start in the right direction!

First up, the formal living room:

Take a guess as to what you're looking at there.
You're right on the mattress bed spring.  How about that silver metal "tube"?
Guesses? :)  Hint: Cows.  Milk.

Under the Christmas tree, a vintage soda crate filled with Christmas books!
And no, somehow I did not manage to take a picture of the tree itself!

Moving on to the sunroom....

I've ALWAYS wanted to have a wreath hanging in every window!
I bought these 75% off after Christmas one year.

Keep the most important thing, the most important thing!
The reason for the season!

I'm still planning on putting lights around the stair railing, just didn't have time yet.  But still using the stockings I made from old feed sacks several years ago!

Extra christmas ornaments go in the glass lantern!
You can see one of our Christmas trees in the background.
That's as close as you'll get to seeing a pic of them - oops!
We have two - One for the kids' handmade ornaments, etc. and one a little more "uniformly" decorated one for Mom. Ha.

Little bit of the mantel in the family room:

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Hope you enjoyed a little Christmas at the old "Trail Acres"! :)  

Stop back soon for the annual "Family Christmas Photo Through the Years". 

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  1. Love it! Looks very christmasy!! wish I could be there!

  2. Beautiful Kammy - it was lovely to see your home again, this time ready for Christmas.

  3. Incredibly talented home decorator. Merry CHRISTmas

  4. Wow, I just love your style and of course your thriftiness. Your home looks perfect for Christmas!

  5. Makes me miss Christmas at my grandmas there. You’ve done a beautiful job ❤️

  6. Beautiful, Kammy..thanks for sharing..

  7. Your home is always a favorite of mine! Looks beautiful dressed for Christmas!


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