Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gorgeous Stenciled Wood Floor In ONE HOUR!

The bright orange carpet in the bedroom at Gidley Station was beautiful.  (What is Gidley Station?  Click HERE to read last week's post)   We contemplating keeping the lovely fifty year old stuff but ya know.  Doesn't match most decor these days.  ;)

Underneath all that carpet and padding was a very nice wood floor.  A very nice wood floor that had been painted blue and red.   Detroit Pistons fans maybe?  Chicago Cubs?  Americana?

After removing all the tack strip, nails, and staples, I painted the floors a dark gray.   It took two think coats applied with a nappy roller.

Every since I stenciled my daughter's bedroom floor in our old house, I've been dying to do it again!
(See Tori's floor HERE)

I was especially anxious to try out my new Mandala Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils on a floor.  This is the Prosperity Mandala Stencil and I've already used it to decorate a clock, a chair, wall decor, and more.

Mandala stencil design stenciled wood table mandalas

Since math and measuring and numbers punch my panic button, I laid the stencil down on the floor and did the unthinkable for all my "type A" friends - I eye balled it!

The blue tape ended up being annoying and slowing me down, so I did away with that after the third stencil was completed.   
So how does this go so fast??

Here's what I did:

I used an almost-dry, small nappy paint roller (a small foam roller works too, but I preferred the nappy for this).  Having a SMALL AMOUNT OF PAINT for this is KEY, unless you want the paint to bleed.  And you don't.
To get the extra paint off after dipping my roller, I rolled out the access paint on a closet door that needed a fresh coat of white.  If you don't have anything else to paint, roll it out as much as you can on a clean piece of cardboard or in an empty paint tray.

I could get about five designs out of the roller before I had to redip in the paint.  The first design after dipping, I used very little pressure.  By the fifth or sixth medallion, I was using a lot of pressure to squeeze the last bit of paint out!  

The lines from the wood served as great guidelines for keeping me fairly straight and evenly spaced out.  Are they perfect?  No.  But unless your friends are visiting and  getting out their measuring tape, nobody should notice.

Once you get started, this process goes super quick!  It took me about forty minutes to cover the floor (and that included painting the closet door)!

When I was finished, I wished I had off centered each row.  But I wasn't about to redo it all, so I had a better idea.  Fill in those big empty gaps where the four "corners" meet!

I had this diamond-design stencil, though it was a bit smaller than I would have liked, but it gave the floor that extra "filled in" look that I wanted.  

So the next day, I took my roller back out (just folded up tight in a plastic back so it wouldn't dry out from the day before) and eye-balled it again.  "Yup, that looks like it's about in the middle!"

About twenty minutes later, the diamonds were done.  
In all?  ONE HOUR to stencil this floor!

You can see the floor planks didn't go all the way to the wall and that the trim we hoped would cover the gap, didn't.  So up next - quarter round trim! :)

I will probably put a polyurthane on to seal it yet, but I'm not sure.  It yellows that paint after it dries, but I can't find anything tougher so I'm a little nervous to use it.  I was told not to use floor wax because then you'll never be able to repaint.  I think I'll wait until this floor as cured for a few more days and then drag something heavy across the corner and see how it holds up. Eek! :)

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Gidley Station Renovations In Progress

Our latest project: Gidley Station - Built to be a railway station, but used as a general store, and then moved on to our property in the 1920's to be a tenant house.  It's like a cat with all it's lives.  What's next?  Kammy's Korner Store?  Mmmmm.... I like that....

This is the view of it from our bedroom window.... hurry and GROW, arborvitaes!!! (This pic is 2 years old, so they are a little bigger now)

And here's how it fits into the layout of our property:
(Old photo, The Tenant House was last years project and is now occupied)

Here are a few peeks into the house. 
I'm going to give you some befores and "durings" since nothing is quite "done" yet!
But what you are about to see (And lots that you don't see!) all happened in a matter of six work days - thanks in huge part to my parents who came from Iowa for a visit!  We can accomplish a LOT when we are together!!  

Go, Tim!  He's becoming a master floor layer.  Best stuff ever, the interlocking VINYL - not laminate - and I just got done asking the Lowe's dudes WHY they don't sell this amazing product... 

Looking down from the bedroom "before" and "now" - after paint, getting rid of the peninsula and balusters, and new floor:

See that doorway up there in the top right  corner?  Yes, this is a UNIQUE house!  I was standing up there to take the last two photos. 

Paint. It. ALL.

What good is an attached garage if there is no house access??  First things first. So yes, this was the first project. The men cut into the wall to make a doorway into the house from the garage.

Voila!  A door!  And stairs.  Nice job on cutting the stringers, Tim!


And from the inside... we have a door!  Always more complicated than you think it's going to be.... hello wires and everything else!

 Amazingly enough, the board didn't break in half.  NO... I'm not calling my mom hefty!  She's just really accident prone!  Oh man, I would have laughed hysterically and gotten in big trouble....  Poor mom.

 Upstairs bedroom: Bye, bye, orange carpet and dingy walls!

Boys pulling yucky carpet off the basement stairs.  Thanks, boys!  I wasn't going near that  stinky old stuff.  And surprise, two layers of carpet!  Rat fink.

More to come......  This project isn't finished yet! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Farm House Potato Bin

Okay, how about a round of "I spy"?
This was my haul from the last Parma Picking day.  I know I've shared this pic before - when I redid that dilapidated old dresser which you can see how that turned out HERE.
But today, we're going to see what became of the potato bin.  Did you find it there, front and center?

You can't tell from this photo, but the bottom was yucky and needed to be tossed on the burnpile, and the hinge was missing a pin so the lid didn't open or shut properly.  I guess that's why this lovely little potato bin found itself on the curb, in a pile of garbage.  I could tell the moment I picked it up that it was grateful I rescued it!  Especially that pretty white ceramic knob!  It really didn't want to finish out it's days in the landfill!

I pulled the back and bottom off and cut a new piece of wood for the bottom.  The back was all freshened up with a coat of paint, and Little Miss painted the main body with black chalk paint and a foam roller.

To fix the missing pin problem, a nail was inserted and then end chopped off so it was flush with the hinge.  (Thanks, Hubby!)  I stenciled on the cow, chicken, and pig, but used a white paint marker to free-hand the "milk" "eggs" and "bacon".  I stink at free hand.

I love quick little paint projects like this.  They are basically a blank canvas and you can be as creative as you want to be.  The possibilities are pretty endless.  Endless.....  like the amount of work I have to do on my barn to fix it up.....  Which I bring up because LAST NIGHT MY HUBBY GOT LIGHTS HOOKED UP!!!!!  IN THE WHOLE THING!!!!  WE HAVE POWER!  And I'm excited about that, in case you couldn't tell.

Raise your hand if you think "paint" should be added to the "to do" list. :/

But LOOK!  LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

Like this?  Pinning it would be a HUGE compliment! :)

Here are a couple other potato bins I did several years ago.  
My taste has changed a little over the years, although I still think they're kidna cute....

My farm house potato bin will be going in my booth at the


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Huge Faux Clock From Repurposed Table

This "table" just keeps getting better and better.  This is the THIRD TIME it has been featured on Kammy's Korner with a new look.  Let's go through the stages of this here home made coffee table I found for a few dollars at a garage sale in my hometown of Parma.

It started like this:

Then went to this:

But I didn't have a place for it and nobody wanted to buy it sooooo I chopped off the legs and hung it on my wall....  (take careful note of this next picture... cuz not  just the clock changes as you scroll on down through this post!)

It was still a little blah.  And I know.  It needs hands.  Maybe they will come in a fourth post someday!
My grandma came to visit last summer and her mind is bad but she had suggestions about how to make my 'faux clock' look better and she mentioned them every time she stepped into the family room.  She used to have a great sense of style to so I decided I'd better heed her advice.  My mom actually grabbed a black paint brush one day to satisfy her and added some "minute marks" and also went around the outside edge - smudgy-like - so to make it look a little distressed and old.  She earns her keep sometimes.  Haha.  OH, we also stuck a sawblade in the middle - just hung it on the nail that's holding up the clock. It added the needed pizzazz UNTIL....  I got THIS in the mail!!!!!

Mandala stencil design stenciled wood table mandalas

A gorgeous medallion stencil made by Cutting Edge Stencils called Prosperity Mandala Stencil.  
It is beautiful.  I immediately took the big ole' coffee table top off my wall and laid it on the floor.  It was bedtime, so in the photo it's a little dark and yes, I'm in my PJ's.

I made two mistakes the first time around:
1. Used way to light of a color (since I thought I wanted it to be really subtle)
2. I used a stencil brush.  What was I thinking.  Way too time consuming for this big of a design!
This calls for a foam roller!!!!!  

So I redid it with a foam roller, and used black (which I rolled on very lightly so it looks more like dark gray) and was literally done in less than a minute!

The KEY to stenciling is to use HARDLY ANY PAINT.  I cannot stress this enough.
The other day I read a review on why a user did not like this stencil.  I was doing a big face palm when I read that no matter what the person tried, the paint bled though.  Are you kidding me?  Sorry Charlie, but that IS NOT the stencil's fault.  It's the users fault.  Plain and simple.  (Sorry, I feel like I'm being a big Negative Nancy here but sometimes you gotta set things straight!).   Too much paint will ALWAYS bleed under.  When you think you hardly have any paint and are ready to go, take more off!  Less is better!  You can always go over it twice.  When using a foam roller with a stencil, you should have to press down fairly hard to get any paint to come off, which means it should be nearly dry!  TRUST ME!

So above is what NOT to do, unless you have time on your hands,
 and below is what you SHOULD do:

YES!!!!  Doesn't it look a billion times more fabulous?  

And did you notice what else changed in this room?  I'll show you the old photo again and then you see if you can name five different things - GO:

And someday.....  If he's real good and listens to Jiminy Cricket, he might get to be a real clock.

Stay tuned for a Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway coming soon!

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Wow Us Wednesdays #302