Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Repurpose The Pockets!

Oh my GOODNESS I was bummed out when my little boy brought me this favorite pair of shorts and said he tore a big hole in the behind of them.  My patching abilities are not too swell so I decided to take a different route. Cuz ya know, I can't just throw something away.  It's not in me!

I cut all the pockets off, and using the front ones, for this project, Gorilla glued (and also used a few little nails to make sure it stayed put) them onto this chippy old salvaged board.  I added some rope for hanging and bam - a simple and cute project from some old ripped shorts!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hinges and Handles and Chalkboard Paint! {Repurposed Cupboard Door}

When my sister bought a big old fixer upper (yes, it must run in the family!), her and her husband completely gutted the old kitchen.  I inherited a few of the awesome old vintage cupboard doors.  I love the rustic black wood handles on them!

Now I know I recently blogged an almost identical post as this one... but I also realize that not everyone follows Kammy's Korner that closely (tisk, tisk...) and maybe you didn't see that one!  I happen to like how this one turned out a little better, anyway. :)

I always make my own chalkboard paint - it's much cheaper than buying it.
Click on the photo to take you to my tutorial:

And since the hinges were still on, there was no need to mess with wire or hangers on the back.  BONUS.  I just simply knotted some jute rope in the holes and "viola"!  

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Repurposed Headboard {Winging Projects!}

Yes, I got real lucky when we bought this place.  
This place that I get so sidetracked at!  I'd go to the pole barn to get something and end up wandering through a different building where I'd come across a gorgeous old table propped upped in a dark cobweb-filled corner. Or a stack of crates in the upstairs of the "apple storage shed".  
Or this old headboard...... leaning on the wall of the same building's downstairs behind piles of books!

My original idea was to just paint it, distress it, and put the words "Flower Garden" across it to use outside in the chicken coop.  Just kidding, in the flower beds, silly.  But then...I don't really have any flower gardens - yet!  Well wait.  Not a problem either.  Because I'm doing this to sell at a barn sale!  BUT.... that idea just seemed too boring and it was so big.... and my jig saw was laying there screaming my name.......

So I quieted the jig saw down and picked it up and hacked off the sides.  OOPS.  I didn't expect it to all fall apart on me!  Yeah, those sides were holding the whole shabang together.  Never fear...

I will go back upstairs in the "apple storage shed" because I know there was a pile of fancy trims and mouldings.  Aha!  Yes.  Here's what I need......

I cut two pieces and using my hubbie's new awesome AirStrike nail gun which I don't know how I've managed to live without this long - put it quickly in place.  I did add some Gorilla glue behind it just for some extra hold-it-together.

I propped it up against the house with all the other projects I had done that day and snapped a photo but when I looked at the pic it screamed "I NEED AN EMBELLISHMENT!  I LOOK LIKE THE UGLY STEPSISTER!"  My mom even called and said "Kammy dear, that thing there with the pictures?  Ya know, that big white thing with the rope?  Well, it needs something!  Maybe some cool metal something or other to go at the top..."  I know, I know, Mom!  I'm getting there!

Then I remembered this wood piece I picked up somewhere.  I have had it forever.  I wanted just the right thing to use it for.  I have been SAVING IT.  Sometimes you get something and you just don't want to part with it.  This was one of those things... but I knew the time had come. 

I slathered on some more creamy white chalk paint and using the little nail holes that already conveniently existed, secured it on with little nails.  Then I used sand paper to take off some of the paint that I had just put on.  Man, us distressers are weird people.

So you can now use this repurposed headboard to hang photos, fun pennant banners, dead fish, whatever you want!

So there you have it.  I pretty much wing every project!
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday Link Party & Features

Welcome to another week of Trash 2 Treasure!

 If you are a blogger, this is where you can share your trash to treasure projects with the rest of us.  And if you are not a blogger, this is where you come to be inspired, get ideas, and just have fun looking at what other people's sweat can produce :)

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Features from last week's party:

Mint Jewelry Box Interior After Makeover
Such an adorable little jewelry Armour makeover by The Interior Frugalista!

Magnolia Market inspired farmhouse kitchen message board out of fence pickets by www.huntandhost.net
Love this picket fence message board by Hunt & Host!

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Now  Party up, Folks! 

 Just TWO rules to follow!

1.  Your post must be a Trash 2 Treasure, but I'm not picky on the "trash" part!  Please no recipes, advice, etc. 
If you took something and made it look better and it's NEW to Kammy's Korner - link it up, Baby! :) 

2. Place the Party button found on the right sidebar somewhere on your blog - doesn't matter where. 

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Old Crate, Vintage Plate

So this was an exciting day.  My "school dad buddy" had some furniture that he wanted out of his mom's garage so he could move his jazz in there.  Come and get it, he tells me!  His sweet darling mother parted with some beautiful pieces and I love them in my home!  When I was about to leave, I saw a trailer full of "trash" and I spotted this old crate perched on top.  
The crate??  Do you want that crate??

NO.  It's going to the dump.  Of course I added it to my truck!  It was in pretty rough shape and I actually questioned why I grabbed it after I got home....

But with Tim's awesome new battery powered nail gun, I replaced some of the loose boards on the bottom, gave it a dry brushing of DIY chalk paint, and it was good to go!!

I added this old Michigan License plate from 1979 to the front by looping some jute rope through the holes and tying it in the back.  I picked up some awesome plates at a garage sale once for just $1!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Industrial & Rustic Bible Verse Decor

Although the "industrial touch" is the last thing to be added, I'm gonna work this one backwards and give it to you first.

You see, to a repurposer (when will spellcheck EVER recognize that as a word?!)  everything is fair game.  So when I tore out this creepy closet in one of our rental houses, I tossed that piece of metal holding those boards dangling like you see in the picture into the dumpster, then promptly changed my mind and pulled it back out just "cuz ya never know....".

After I finished decoupaging my prints on to old salvaged pieces of wood, I didn't think they looked finished.  Which is when I knew I had not saved that strip of holey metal for nothing.  Whoever knows the correct term for that is laughing at me right now, I'm sure.

Tin snips did the job.  All though, having bigger hands would probably have made this part go a little faster! 

Then I used thumb tacks to hold them in place.  These are best put in place by holding them with a needle nose pliers and then pounding them in with a hammer.  Don't worry, a few heads might bust off, so have some extra handy.  Maybe if you don't buy them bulk from dollar store, they'd be better quality?

Up close and personal....  

I have my friend, Marie Smith, to thank for the lovely prints.  She is the print QUEEN.  Always making new designs and printing them off for us.  Now the trick to using Modge Podge on something you've printed - it better be printed on a laser printer for crying in the bucket or IT WILL SMEAR EVERYWHERE.  I learned that the hard way, since I have an ink jet.  Yeah, my poor little girl's face was turned into a monster the day I tried to decoupage her onto some wood.  :(

She really did give me a few other verse options, but I happened to use all of the Ephesians 2:8 designs she gave me.
Such true words!!  
"For by GRACE are ye saved through faith, and that NOT of yourselves, it is the gift of God.

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