Thursday, May 26, 2016

DIY Coat Rack {The Tenant House Mudroom Before & After}

In October... I believe it was... we closed on the third house on this estate -  and hopefully last house EVER in the history of our lives.  In the photo above, our home is on the left, which we bought exactly two years ago.  Sadly, he estate had been split up.  Almost a year after that, we closed on Gidley Station.  We have not touched the inside of that home because when we bought it, renters were already living in it and we just kept them, cuz they're awesome.  Then about seven months ago, we closed on "The Tenant House".  It was a short sale from the bank, which most of you know never ends up being "short" time-wise!  It. Was. A. Disaster.  And I have forever cured my desire to want to flip a house!

  Today I'm going to show you a glimpse of a project I tackled in the mudroom.  Enjoy the photo tour - I think they are pretty self explanatory so I'm not going to say much!


The closet needed to go.  It did not want to go.  It took me all of my muscles, a sledge hammer, and a whole Saturday afternoon to remove it!  Ahhh look!  There was a window...

Now what am I doing?

Thanks for the beautiful stencil, Cutting Edge Stencils!  I'm putting it to good use AGAIN!  (This is the Rabat Allover Stencil that I used on my fireplace granite surround which you can see HERE).

Another before and after view... that is where the dryer hook up is in case you're wondering what the vent is. :)

Stay tuned to see some more before and afters of our "tenant house". :)

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Cob Box Book Case {Revamped Family Heirloom}

This is the story of a cob box. Two months ago, I didn't know there was a special "cob box" in our family, let alone what one even was!

I happened upon this magnificent chippy old wood crate while digging through the treasures in my Aunt Linda's shed last time I was in Iowa.  I also got locked in panic mode when I climbed into their old trailer to get this baby out and awoke a large opossum.  I nearly wet myself being stuck in such close quarters with a giant rodent, with my arms full, and no way to jump out.  But we'll move on, because I really don't want to relive that moment.

Aunt Linda said this was one treasure that if I took, it must stay in the family.  No reselling this gem!
So what is the cob box?

My Dad said when they were kids, they had to keep it filled with corn cobs because Grandma used a cook stove and they burned the cobs to cook with and help heat the house.  Until the 70's!  Somewhere along the way, the hinged lid disappeared... but the stories this box could tell if it could talk.  Anyone who knows the Hayes boys would have stories to tell, I'm sure!

I found the perfect spot for it on my landing to keep the kids books in... but it was missing something.  Casters!  It  needed some big heavy duty caster wheels.  With some rust.  And I knew the perfect place to get them - off the old cart I found out in our barn when we moved into this gem of a treasure trove! 

Using the saw zall, all four wheels were cut off and screwed on to the bottom of the crate.  They were completely rusted on to the plywood they were attached to, which is why we just cut them off rather than attempting to unscrew them.

This is SO MUCH MORE IN KEEPING with my decor style than that ugly black press board book shelf that previously housed the books.  And the only reason I had the book shelf was because I mowed a client's lawn once who didn't have any money to pay me so she gave me a book shelf and some outdoor toys for the kids.  Yeah, sometimes I barter... not that I wanted to that day!  But...

An upclose look at this chippy distressed goodness....

And the peach crate on top (thanks, Mom!):

The crate on the inside acts as a second shelf for shorter books and is actually a vintage Vernors wood box that we found in the well when we moved here.  Score!  I told you this place was (is) a treasure trove!

Here's the well it came out of in case you're curious:

and here you can see the Vernor's crate on the bottom:

 Yes.  I think my  "library on the landing" is FINALLY HOW I WANT IT!!!! :)

And want to know one of the best parts?  
This whole room only cost me a few dollars.

  The chairs were free from an older lady in town who wanted to get rid of them, the wall decor is all repurposed cupboard doors and an old window I found, the pillows are made from old feed sacks that my buddies at the Parma mill gave me, the globe was something I picked up at a garage sale for a dollar, same with the lamp, round end table, and scale!  My friend Maran made me the gorgeous paper wreath, and after reading this post, you know all about the book case! :)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chippy Window With Chicken Wire and Jute

This old window frame with no glass  was in rough shape.  It was pulled from a big heap of junk on the curb.  Not just "junk" like "KAMMY STYLE I LOVE JUNK" but nasty junk.  It looked interesting though and like a magnet being drawn to metal....  it attached itself to me.  And then I did nothing with it.

It moved to our new home with us... and two more years.... I finally I decided it was time!  I put chicken wire on the back of the two small openings, and using a staple gun attached two strands of jute rope on the larger opening to hang photos or printables.

The bottom photos are being held on with little metal shower curtain clips.
I was almost giddy when I came across two more sets of them at a garage sale last weekend!

Yes, those are beautiful children.  No, they are not mine... but I'd take 'em. :)  I am blessed with some super duper  nieces and a nephew!

One of my besties, Heather, makes these prints.  I was lucky to get a few from her once but you can buy them in her Etsy shop HERE.

Oh you like chippy?  Well check out my chippy cupboard door that lives right next door to this old window!  Mmmm... chippy goodness abounds!

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Make Your Own Message Board

If you've ever done a search on Pinterest for "Message Board", you'll see there is a whole slew of creative ideas out there!  For this one, I started out with a framed in square of wood that I picked up for a buck at a yard sale. 

 I forgot to take a picture of it, but it looked something like this one below that I still haven't done anything with - but in much better condition!

I painted it with my homemade chalkboard paint
 (you can get the instructions for that on this post HERE).

I sealed the frame with Modge Podge so it wouldn't scratch, but I left the chalkboard so (obviously) it could be used as a chalkboard! :)

To hold mail and what-not, I added this wide chevron burlap ribbon I picked up on clearance at Wal Mart a little while back for just 75 cents for a 10 foot roll!!  I used Gorilla Glue along the bottom and sides, but that still didn't seem secure enough so I pulled it tight and added small nails to the front and also on the backside.  If you're over 40,  get your spectacles out and you can probably see the four of them going down the side:

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