Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Piano Stool to Plant Stand {Shabby Chic}

When did musicians make the switch from piano stools to piano benches, anyway? 
Maybe when fast food hit the fan?  The more Big Macs the more rear end?  No longer able to perch atop that tiny round little seat?  Perhaps someone didn't make the switch in time, had too many Big Macs and hence this broken top?  Dunno!  I think I'll go for a run today!

Ran in to the Jackson Antique Mall with my pal Maran awhile back, and fifteen minutes is NOT enough time for that mall!  But that's about all we had so I did a quick scan and saw this busted piano stool with the top detached for only $5.
When I brought it up to the counter to pay the oldish dude says, "You buyin' this for firewood?"
Now is that any way to sell treasures in your store?!

I took the busted top off, and painted the beatuiful bottom white and then distressed it with sandpaper.  You can't tell from this photo, but all sorts of greens, blues, and blacks from paint jobs of years gone by peeked through.  Such a lovely shabby chic finish when you get different colors 

And.... here's the detached top!  Now a beautiful wall accent piece, hung with jute rope.
I used a foam roller, white paint, and the Prosperity Mandala Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I have the 24" stencil, which was a lot larger than the seat, so the edges hung off.  No matter.

And now let's play "Where's Waldo"...  can you spot them in my booth

See anything you like? 
 You need to drive on out to:

A few other decor items I've done with the Mandala Stencil:


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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Patio, Pergola, Pit, and Plants

Well, a lot of the work around this place over the last four years has been necessary to preserve, live, and keep this place running. This is the one big thing that wasn't exactly "necessary" but well a girl's gotta have some unnecessary things once in a while....

I had a gorgeous patio at our previous home, which I missed dearly.
Enter the big empty spot on the west side of our house, with a door that pretty much led to nowhere but the big empty spot.
A perfect spot for - OUR PATIO!

I had been seeing Dream Scapes Landscaping ads on Facebook and loved their before and after photos (see it really does pay to sponsor ads!) so I gave them a call.

Most of what you are about to see is a result from that call. :)
Enjoy the photo tour!

Let's take a walk through memory lane, shall we?

the west side door that led to some grass


In 2017 we hired Dream Scapes Landscaping
and they went to town creating a master piece!

The boulders were all from one of two large piles we had in the backyard, presumably left over from the waterfall project back in the 1920's.  Nick and his boys from Dream Scapes built up the retaining wall with our boulders and then laid the large pieces of flagstone.

We loved Nick's idea of putting the fire pit down a "level" and off the back corner so the smoke didn't blow directly on the house.  The multi-level look is stunning.

I especially LOVED the stone stairs Nick used. 

Right after being finished, but before the pergola:

It still needed something.  A pergola.  
Dad come through for us!!  Merry Christmas to us - Dad's Christmas present to us was a new pergola!!  He brought the pillars to Michigan and painted them in my barn, and built the pergola on site, bringing reclaimed lumber from a hog confinement building in Iowa.

I love the elegant look of a pergola, but hate that they are open on top.  
What we did with the last one at our old house worked great, so we did it again with this one - used corrugated white plastic sheets that got screwed into the wood.

Here you can see the existing patio flagstones matched up to the new
(there is a step down but it's hard to see in this photo):

If you're ever in the area and you can recognize me in BOTH my work clothes or Friday night clothes (because that means you really know me), stop by and have a coffee with me on the patio. :)

Thanks to DreamScapes for the patio, My Dad for the pergola, and Nick Headly for finishing it off with beautiful landscaping that I can't wait to see mature!

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The Patio My Hubby and Dad built at our old house:
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Friday, August 10, 2018

Lath Strikes again! {Before & After}

There's just too much going on.  I can't talk.  Type.  Blog.  
But I can share pictures.... :)
Have a look see at this easy project that I think turned out pretty stinkin' cute - and it was pretty stinkin' easy!

Salvaged lath boards were attached with my Ryobi nail gun.

I forgot a before of this little table, but while you're here I'll show you another table with some lath detail. :)

Both of these little gems are for sale at the Parma Antique Mall in my booth!

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