Friday, March 2, 2018

Hutch Makeover {Fancy Back and PeekABoo Drawers}

A sweet friend gave me this piece.  It was in slightly rough shape, but not bad enough to make me do anything to it for several years - it's been sitting in my living room until I just got a gorgeous new piece at the Parma Antique Mall (Eeeek, can't wait to show you!) and decided to paint this beauty and move it upstairs.  Don't cry wood lovers, it's not an expensive, beautiful wood finish.  It was actually a cheaper veneer and not in good shape.  Sturdy (minus the drawer bottoms) but in rough shape!

Do I really even have to say anything?  
I think the pictures speak for themselves.
Besides, I have a secret, that is about to be made public here....
I was painting it to sell it in my booth, but... after all the things I've painted, I feel like I've had more "oopsies" lately rather than "sweet nectar" finished painting moments and it just wasn't good enough when I was done to sell.  
As in... if you look at it close up, you'd think it was my first time ever holding a paint brush in my hand.  Not even lying.

So, here we go.... looking beautiful from a step back, and a few pics on how it got there! :)

white gray hutch stenciled kammy's korner

Love me some "peek a boo" drawers....
What are they really good for?  Pretty much just a snazzy photo. :)

gray white hutch stenciled peek a boo drawers painted sides

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chunky End Table Chalk Paint Fail

My friends.  They are always looking out for me.  Carolyn Brokaw was the friend this time.  She picked this up at a yard sale for $1 for me.  It sat quite a while gathering sawdust in my work shop. Sometimes if something sits in my shop long enough and inspiration isn't striking, I just finally can't take it any longer and gotta paint it!  I mixed up some white chalk paint like I always do, but dude.  I'm not sure what happened.  It turned into a hard lump with slight moisture.  I decided I could still use it, it would probably dry crazy hard, and be a great primer. Then I could just come back and sand off the rough stuff and clumps.  DRY HARD IT DID!  There was not much smoothness to be had.  That "primer" just did not want to sand down nice.  So it LOOKS super cute, but if you were to run your hand over it, don't expect a slippery, smooth-to-the-touch finish.  

I still love the way it turned out, even if it is kind of a "paint fail".  The two tone gray and white look has it going on.  And I normally change out hardware, but I rather liked the way the original knobs looked, so I kept them!  

The other "fail" that occurred... was (insert face palm) I used polyurethane for the finish.  Really, Kammy?  HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN DOING THIS???  I know that stuff yellows.  So I don't EVER use it on white.  Well, the paint going hard must have thrown me off my game and I did the unthinkable.  So I have it for sale in my booth at the Parma Antique Mall "as is", and the price reflects it's shortcomings.  

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It's a steal at the:

Parma Antique Mall

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Console Table Makeover {Upcycle A Purse Strap!}

One of my 'Mom Pals', Chaz, sent me a photo last month asking about some furniture that a friend of her's didn't want anymore.  She wanted the desk/table to use for her computer but wasn't sure what to do with it so I said bring it on over sometime and we'd give it a good makeover together.  Oh hot dog, I was rather in love with the curvy legs of this sofa table.  They were beautiful.  Like my girlfriends' who are runners.  Why are woman's legs always so much more attractive than a man's?  My mom always said even God agrees because it says in the Psalms "he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man."  
So obviously men's legs aren't all that attractive.  I'm sure she wasn't taking that out of context.  Not at all.  (Don't be snowflakes guys, it's a joke!).

So back to the sofa table.  Or console table.  I ain't never been real good with fancy furniture terms.  Wayfair would seem to call this a console table.  Seems fitting as the definition of "console" is 

"to comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment." (huh?)

synonyms:sympathize with, commiserate with, show compassion for, condole with.

I'm fairly certain in the couple hours it took to make this baby over we did some "commiserating".

Chaz came dressed in layers like we were going skiing in subzero temps cuz she thought we were going to be working in my barn.  Well normally we would, but in the winter, I move everything to my workroom in the basement.  But shucks.  Had I known the inch of dust that was going to cover EVERYTHING when we were done, we probably would have been in the barn and all those clothes would have been just right. 
 The finish on that top was way more stubborn than I thought possible.  We went through battery life on that Rybobi sander like Jeff Losey must have gone through diapers as a newborn.  When every last speck of that deplorable finish was off, I got out some Restor-A-Finish and showed Chaz how to rub it on using a rag while I ran upstairs to concoct something for lunch.  

I cringed at the thought of putting those same drawer pulls back on, and after digging through my stash realized I am super low and supplies!  So instead of traditional pulls, I cut an old purse strap into even pieces and using my swell battery-powered staple gun, secured them in place.  Which was a little tricky since I had to try and miss the screw holes or they would just pull back out!  And since staples aren't all that purdy, we purdified them up by hiding them with thumbtacks.  

I used sandpaper to distress the edges a little.  It's good to distress all furniture a little, cuz then if you get a scratch it just looks like it's supposed to be there. ;)

Didn't she turn out beautiful??  I've always loved the two-tone look.  In this case, wood on the top and a granite gray/black color on the bottom.  Don't ask the specific color cuz I don't know.  It was two mistints that I added together with some plaster of paris and water to make chalk paint.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Image Transfer On Vintage Wood Boxes

So writing this blog post has been on my list of things to do, but it only got bumped to the top of the list today because I couldn't stop eating spoonfuls of Nutella while I was in the kitchen... and the computer is a long ways from the Nutella jar so I figure I'm safer over here.  Totally had the breakfast of champions today.  A big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, and Nutella.  I don't always start my day out that healthy, but when I do, watch out Gringos.

So a couple weeks ago I had to go into town for something, oh dread, and I couldn't stop my van from driving the extra mile and going straight to Saint Vincent De Paul's on the East side.  Man I love that place.  Especially when blue tags are 75% off!  See that picture above?  Blue tag?  YES!  The top one is a velvet lined jewelry box.  The bottom was is a velvet lined silverware box.  Anything with a nice flat wood top screams "blank canvas for a transfer" to me!

So after sanding the daylights, nightlights, flourescent lights out of the top of the boxes, I cut a piece of freezer paper the size of a regular piece of typing paper.  To make the freezer paper sturdy and to go through the printer easier, I used a few pieces of double sided tape to secure them together.  

I found a graphic I wanted on and printed it on the waxy side.
(Don't forget, you gotta print it as a reverse image or the words will be backwards.  Graphics Fairy makes it easy and has lots of "reverse images" to print!)


This is the first time I've ever tried it with a colored image!  Why?  I dunno....  Just haven't found a colored image that tripped my trigger 'til now I guess.  I loved how the light pink rose and green leaves turned out!!!

I used Restor-A-Finish to stain the top and painted the rest of the box white, with some distressing on the edges with sand paper cuz this just looked like the perfect piece to "shabby chic".  It opens up to a beautiful dark maroon velvet.  I removed the slots that hold the silverware so it's just a big open
trinket box now.

As for this little guy, the jewelry box, well he wasn't quite so predictable.
After I sanded him down, I did my transfer.....

And then using a rag rubbed my Restor-A-Finish on but EEEEEK, the wood around the top edge turned a bright reddish color!  Obviously two different types of wood!

I thought maybe it would look better once it had the white paint on the bottom, but rather than a lovely two-tone look, it had a hideous three tone look!

Well NO BIGGY, dudes.  Paint to the rescue!

Such a perfect little jewelry box!

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If I had a place to put them I would be keeping them.
But I don't, so they are available at my booth in the Parma Antique Mall!

Want a more detailed tutorial on this? 
Click the image below:

here's another:

Putting an image on my dining room chairs back in the day:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Inside Gidley Station {Before and Afters}

Gidley Station is the place next to us, on our property.  It started out as a railroad station in the 1800's, then became a general store, and then in the 1920's was moved a half mile down the road to it's present location and turned into living quarters, and then in 2017 it began it's latest venture as an Airbnb!  It has seen many guests from around the country and even globe in it's last nine months and it's been pretty exciting (and surprising!) for us!

It needed some serious updating before we could begin accepting guests, however!

This blog post is going to be a HUGE smattering of Before and Afters (I think which is which should be obvious - haha!) and not a whole lot of dialogue.  Just enjoy the photos! :)  I will try to put a "before" photo and follow it with an "after", with some "durings" scattered throughout.  Enjoy!

basement stairs area by the front door in the kitchen:

Meanwhile below me....
The boys put their hours in ripping out carpet.  These awful steps had two layers!  The carpet layers from Lowes who came to put in the new stuff were not thrilled about these angles.  Like not. at all.

This is the first sight when you open the front door.  To the left is the kitchen, straight ahead, the little stairway leads to the bathroom, which you then have to walk through to get to the master bedroom.  The little balcony is off the master bedroom. 

Upstairs master bedroom:

Bedroom downstairs (previously used as a family room)
Forgot to get a picture of this before we started installing the new carpet, so this will have to do:

The beds don't fit perfectly in the space, but it's much easier to use them this way, rather than have them as bunks!  

The bathroom was probably the only part of the house that had any updates done within the last fifty years.  But rust had done a number on the toilet, so we got a new one, and lightened up the walls and beadboard ceiling with light gray and white.

Just a little rust......

So on the other side of this wall.... is an attached garage.  
Now listen up folks.  An attached garage is just plain stupid if there's no way to get to it from inside the house!
So what is a person to do?  Make one!  Thanks, Dad!!

Meanwhile on the other side......

Guess I never got a total "after shot" but this is close:

And now to head back inside the living room, since we now know there is access to the attached garage from in house.... :)  I'm on the hunt for some more comfortable living room furniture.  But for now, this is what it is:

 Here's a view of Gidley Station from our house, up on the third floor.  Pardon the screen.  Too cold to do any better than shoot a photo through dirty glass and a screen! :)

Click HERE to book your stay!!

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