Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eagle Dresser With DIY Rope Handles and Barnwood Top

Hi, Hi!  I came across this dresser at a yard sale just down the road from me.  I didn't even have a dime of cash on me, and about one minute to spare, so I put my name on a few things, and ran down the driveway shouting over my shoulder that "I'd be back!!!!".  It was just a few dollars, very sturdy, and had great bones.

The problem was, it had been painted with this super thick enamel and had lots of runs that had dried as hard as a rock and I couldn't scrape it off or anything.  So I decided to just paint over the drips, even though it now looks like my drippage - heaven forbid (yeah right) - and cover up the top with reclaimed wood since I started to scrape it gave up on that real fast!

I had saved lots of the boards from the old corn crib we tore down last year and they have come in handy!  I didn't realize until after I cut them and started nail-gunning them down that the last one was a little warped.  I hope it doesn't pop up.  Urgh.

I put some dark wood stain on a rag and soaked it into the raw edges that had just felt the heat of the blade so they would match the color of the old weathered wood.

Then it was time for some new drawer pulls.  The old handles were white plastic, which was partially wearing off, and just looked like el cheapo.  I couldn't find anything in my stash that I liked for this little chest of drawers so decided to make my own using some thick jute rope.

If you've ever tried to stick this twisted rope through a small hole, it can be hair-yanking-frustrating.  You get one little piece, give it a tug and the rest bunches up and refuses to come through.  So the remedy?  Cut the tip at an angle and use a touch of hot glue to bond all the threads together.  I used a rag so as not to burn my fingers, and pulled the hot glue down to the tip of the rope to make it a point.  Then it's a piece of cake to feed through the screw holes!

I tied a knot in front of each hole so it wouldn't pull through, and cuz it looks swell, and then tied the ends together inside the drawer.

In case you were wondering why I was calling this an "Eagle Dresser"... well hopefully you're still with me because Ta-Da!  Peek-a-boo eagle drawers!  Cutting Edge Stencils is awesome and usually tucks a free stencil in when I place an order and once I got this awesome flying eagle in my package.

You can find this over at the Parma Antique Mall in my favorite town, Parma, Michigan. :)

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Monday, August 7, 2017

He needed cigarette money, so I got amazing chairs!

I've never had nice dining chairs.  Partly because I let Tim buy a brand new dining room table *GASP* and it was so expensive we couldn't afford chairs to go with it... but that's a whole 'nother story.  So I had these six cheap black chairs from Goodwill that I had recovered with vinyl table cloths which is amazing when you have messy little kidlets.  Easy to wipe up!  But three of those had been moved to Gidley Station, our Airbnb, and the other three just looked cheap in our sunroom.  
So one day I'm in the Parma Antique Mall, sprucing up my booth when I hear the bell clank on the opening door and a total country hick voice.....

Man With Hick Voice: Howdy, I got me some old chairs here, ye intersted?  Got six of 'em.  Just lookin' to git some cigarette money, really.
Darin The Store Owner: Nope, sorry.  Not interested.  Just not a chair guy.
At this point, my curiosity is totally piqued and poke my head out.

Me: He ain't a chair guy, but I am!  Whatchoo got??

Oh, jackpot.  
And the wood is in great shape!  No need to do anything but recover the seat cushions!!
He even loaded them all up into my van, and had already unscrewed all the cushions.
Oh that brown plaid....  so wrong. :)

I found some gray and white chevron on the clearance rack in Hobby Lobby and actually bought some fabric.  I know, I know, I just couldn't find enough fabric in my stash that I liked and would cover all six chairs.

But back up, cuz I gotta share my adorably cute help!  Sometimes the hardest part is getting the old upholstery off - and this was no exception!  It was held on tight with some crazy tough staples.

Notice none of these are my own kids.  The fun of this wore off with them a long time ago. 
But these boys - Jett with the huge grin, Knox, and Nick -worked away at a cushion, persevering until all the nails/staples were out.  That left three for me to do. :)

To get Nick to finish, I had to promise I'd pay him but I only  had two dollars in quarters.  I'm not sure he thought it was worth it.  But mean Tobin's mom doesn't let kids on electronics while at her house..... I'm definitely the mean mom.  Who also lets them eat brownies for supper.  And now that Laurie knows I didn't pay her cuties, I should probably scrounge up a couple bucks for them too.  Haha.

Anyways, all you trend watchers, I know chevron is so three years ago.  But this was kind of "dainty chevron" and had that thin stripe going perpendicular to the zig zags that almost give it a herringbone appearance.  I wanted something that wouldn't fight the big geometrical pattern on the rug and the price was right.  I'm so defending my fabric choice right now and I feel like an idiot.  Haha.  Chevron or not, I love how they turned out!

Seriously.  How can you not love a lyre back??

 I'm digging the new sunroom arrangement!  I used to use the window seats as part of the table seating, but I'm liking this look better.  Plus, it's more comfortable!  NOT quite the lazy boy chairs my dad thinks we should be able to eat sitting in, but better than the hard plank window seats!

And just for fun, shall we see what this SAME corner of the room looked like a couple of years ago?

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chairs Make A Swell Thank You Gift

A teacher at our school was moving to a new home a few months ago, and was in need of a truck and trailer to help haul the home furnishings.  As I looked at my calendar, I was surprised to see a big blank white square. My truck and trailer were just sitting peacefully in the shed  so I figured it would be extremely selfish of me not to offer my services.  As we were getting the last out of the house, I picked up this chair in the sunroom to see if I could finagle it in to the back of the overflowing truck when Sir Colby tells me to put it down, it's staying with the house.  They didn't want it anymore.  They didn't want it???

Well you know......  He gave it to me as a thank you for helping them out.  
I hope his wife was on board with the idea - she seemed to love the chair that she originally found for a good deal at Saint Vincent's.  I love that she bought it from a thrift store - my kind of woman!
And this is so my kind of thank you!!!!

I didn't realize buying cushions almost meant taking out a loan.  DUDE. What do they make that foam out of, gold dust??  Anyways, I finally just found this cute one at Wal Mart that wouldn't break my piggy bank.  Of course, I had already painted the chair and then just crossed my fingers I could find something that would match. :)  Before you even make the suggestion, I'm not a good enough seamstress to make my own.  Plus, buying the foam for DIYing is crazy pricey too!  Do it yourself is not always the most economical.  USUALLY it is.  But not always.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

An Aqua Blue Kitchen Table For The Little Cabin

I'm going to guess it was about four years ago when I walked into a country church sale and bought this table AND four chairs AND two leaves - for just $10.  Someone wanted to buy a hodge podge of kitchen chairs from me, so I sold those off.  Then I pulled this thing out for a soup supper we had for our church last fall and was struck with how ugly it was.  And lonely, sitting there gathering cobwebs against the wall in the back shed.  It was time to be beautiful and shine!  (And what were those white spots?  I have no idea!)

I have this gallon of mistinted aqua blue paint that I've been using a lot lately.  The color just makes me sigh with contentment.  But asking what color it is does not... since I just told you it was a mistint. :)

After painting it with my mistinted no-name aqua blue (which I turned into chalk paint with Plaster of Paris), I distressed the edges with sandpaper so some of the dark wood showed through.

Then I put on my big girl panties, and got out the polyurethane.  
I. hate. poly.
But it's a necessity with a kitchen table!!  I put about four coats on with a foam brush.

One of the things I dislike about polyurethane is that it yellows.  Yes, even a little bit if you get the supposed "non-yellowing" kind.  But since this wasn't white, it was totally okay.  You can barely see the 'yellowed' areas.

Perfect for out in our little "cabin". Which, has been rented out two nights since we listed it on Airbnb last week, by the way!!  YAY!!! :)  Check out the listing HERE.

Now if only I hadn't been a bonehead and sold the matching chairs.... :)  But I got that super cute fold up one from Marie.  She just pulled in one day with her truck and said, "Hey, you want anything I got in here before it goes to Goodwill??"  Those, my peeps, are your true friends.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Whimsical Stenciled Stairs For The Cabin

I would never do something this crazy in my house and probably not in our rental properties either.  HOWEVER, in the little cabin behind our house?  I've been DYING to do something like this somewhere and FINALLY - I got the place!!! 

So what's this "place"?  Here's a picture from the post I did on the outside of the little "cabin" or "summer kitchen" or  even "the dollhouse" as I was told Elsie Lefere referred to it as.

We had done some major clean up on the outside, but the inside was still in need of work! 
Not just paint, but we had a powderpost beetle problem that had to get professionally taken care of.
See all those white spots on the floor?  Those are actually little piles of sawdust powder from those stinkin' beetles.  I'm just glad they weren't termites or the whole place would probably no longer be standing!

So after all the walls got some white paint, I was dying to do something fun with these steps up to the loft.
Oh, and notice the floor!!!  After we got them all cleaned up - what a DARLING little touch was under all that dirt - white daisy flowers stenciled on the wood plank floors.  I LOVE THEM!  I think Elsie Lefere painted those and I was super excited to leave a little "touch of Elsie". 

I've been using this aqua blue mistint paint I bought a lot lately.  Stay tuned to see what else got the "blue treatment" in this cabin.

So I had a few ideas floating around in my head.  One was stencil all the risers, another was to paint a fun quote going up each riser, or maybe some fun words like "adventure" "explore" "wander"....  so whenever I'm not settled on an idea I call my pal Maran.  Her idea... stencil them, but use a different stencil on each riser!  Oh did that ever strike my fancy.  

Here's the plethora of stencils I used:

Yes, it was tedious work, but really didn't take all that long!  I eyeballed everything.  I totally hate numbers.  Measuring involves numbers.  I used a dark gray home made chalk paint - leftover from some other projects, of course. :)

I gotta say, I think the last one, the bottom one, turned out to be my favorite!

Almost Airbnb ready!! :)  
What's Airbnb?  Google it. 
And if you want to see our other Airbnb - Gidley Station - click here

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And stay tuned for more on this little cabin makeover! :)

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