Thursday, November 20, 2014

Whitewash Paneled Kitchen Ceiling {Restoring The Lefere Mansion}

I've had a few people inquire about our ceiling treatment.  
(Is "ceiling treatment" even a thing?)

So... here goes me trying to explain what we did, mostly in picture form! :)

Here's what it looked like when we bought the place:

The first layer of wallpaper didn't come off so bad.  That stuff underneath, and the layer under that?  No amount of steaming, prepping, downy softener... was going to get it all off.

Do you have any idea what a satisfying feeling it is to rip off a big chunk like that?!
Oh, and don't you just love the lighting in this kitchen? :)

My sister-in-law took the first wack at that soffit above the cupboards.  We decided it shouldn't be there.  But, Yikes!  The plaster on the ceiling was atrocious - what was I going to say to the hubby when he came and saw what I did?!

When the DADMAN came to visit aka transform in a work horse, he decided the rest of the soffits needed to come down too!

Okay.  The ceilings are bad.  Let's just cover them bad boys up!  Off to Lowes.  I was originally thinking beadboard (wainscoting) but I saw this instead.  Pieces of whitewash paneling.  One of the downsides to it is it warps very easily.  It was cheaper than what I originally wanted - so that was a bonus!  Some nice guys shpoping thought I needed help and loaded it all on to a cart for me.  I didn't, but I also won't turn down a chivalrous man.

Here are the stats on it from

Georgia-Pacific 0.15-in x 4-ft x 8-ft Cedar MDF Wall Panel


(Lowes, if you are reading this, you really should be paying me for this promotion!!)

We ended up just attaching it with a nail gun while at least three of us held it in place.  I orignally had bought several tubes of liquid nails for reinforcement, but they ditched that after the first couple pieces.

Don't even ask what the Dadman is doing up there.  This picture was actually taken for the flooring post to come someday....  I'll say this.  He can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry!

  Cover it up!!  We don't want to look at it for another second!

The ceiling is completely covered and waiting for the crown molding to get reinstalled!  Luke Kember is doing the jobs I want done that hubby won't do.... :)

Aside from warping easily, the other downside to this stuff are the seams.  They aren't noticeable to people not looking for them, but when you know they're there... well let's just say they really bug the Hubsters! :)  You can spot a seam to the right of this light fixture:


And the finished product!!!!

And since we all love a before and after photo, here's another before and after of this kitchen, looking from the hallway:

Want to see more of the kitchen makeover progress?

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rustic Ladder Vignette {Family Room}

I love ladders.  Really love them.
At our old house, I had them going horizontal on the wall (which is the same one you see now), vertically leaning on the wall in my little girl's room as a display, outside against the house for plants to grow up, used them for craft show displays, etc.  They're just the perfect piece for just about every room.  Maybe soon I'll do a "ladder round-up post" showing all the different ways I've used them.

But today, here's a peek into my family room - specifically my old ladder vignette.


The old feed sack you see was something I picked up for free while rummaging through someone's barnwood they had for sale.  I didn't buy any barnwood, but they did let me go home with a stack of old feed sacks.  They were filthy, with feeds bits still in them and I had a hard time getting the stains out.  So hard in fact, that they never came out. :)  The roses are from a centerpiece from a beautiful wedding we recently attended.

 Now I know this frame isn't the right size, but sometimes I just go with it.  I loved the oval shaped cut out to balance all the "squares" of the ladder and I totally fell in love with this original cardboard ad for "High-Grade Custom Tailoring".  I was super fortunate that my hubby's aunt didn't want to move "stuff" to her new house and I inherited a whole wooden box (which is awesome in itself!!) of old prints from the late 1800's and early 1900's.  She said her mom kept them to frame and decorate with, and then she was going to do something with them buy never got around to it.  Funny thing is, the print to be framed is actually glued on the backside of this.  The ad was just being used for the cardboard!  Bad thing is, I adore the print from 1908 on the other side too.....  decisions, decisions...

I wouldn't trust this chair to hold anyone over about one hundred pounds, but it's too pretty not to show off.  I paid five dollars for it and if you want to see it's makeover, click HERE.

The little wood table you see was actually a green upholstered bench that belonged to my mother-in-law as a girl.  You can see it's transformation HERE.

This house is feeling like "Home!".
This is my view from where I sit on the couch, read my Bible, and drink my morning coffee:

What did this room look before?  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Well {Restoring the Lefere Mansion}

This is the view of the back patio back in May, before we had won the bid.  Yes, we went out on a shakey, skinny limb, and bought a big ole' historical foreclosed home on an online auction.  Unless you know a lot about home renovations and old houses, I wouldn't advice doing such a thing.  We knew neither.  We do now! :) 

It was pretty dilapidated, but I wasn't sure if we were going to use it, repurpose it, do rain dances around it..........

After we got the keys, we needed some water.  Everything had been winterized, and the copper pipes cut and stripped.  I won't even go into how DESPICABLE OF A THING THAT IS!  Did you feel me spit when I pronounced the "P" in that word?  Anyways,  it's really hard to do anything in a house without water!  Hubby proved brave and climbed down in there to turn on the pump.  He's part spider man. 

Hey, Dad!  

Thank goodness for Droid lights

 Water!!!!  We've got WATER!!!!

The well became a storage area of sorts all summer.  It was the perfect place to lay trim to paint, pile up old lathe for the kids to take to the burn pile, and to prop old toilets up against.

But alas, I had to face the fact that it was a huge eye sore.  And also that the insurance company said, "That needs to go.  Now."

The demolition team set to work.

And now..... a bit of a hazard, wouldn't ya say?!

We happened to have a plastic cover that fit the space exactly (Imagine that!  Thank you for the little things, Lord!) and we rolled a huge stone on top to keep it in place.  And for good measure, set a patio table over it. :)

This "Before" (actually during) is a shot taken from an upstairs window.
Compare it with the next photo, which I took today!



Oh, and I'm thankful I grabbed some of the wooden shingles from off the side - they make
awesome signs! :)

How about a Christmas gift?  You can buy one in my Etsy Shop HERE. :)

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday Link Party and Features

Well HELLO there, Sunshine!  I see some of my friends on facebook are already being graced with that four letter word that starts with "s" and ends in "w".
 KEEP IT AWAY!!!!! :)

Did you miss my post this past week?  What I thought was meant for the burn pile is now a piece of art and storage in my cute little half bath (click HERE):

Have you seen the fun and chic new fabric choices Sew Panache has gotten lately?
I you haven't had a chance to browse her Etsy shop, you need to!
Here are just a few of my new faves Jan has:

Curtain Panels 24W or 50W x 63, 84, 90, 96 or 108L in Premier Prints Coral Gotcha Yellow Pillow Covers. Decorative Elephant Print Throw Pillow Covers Corn Yellow and White,  Baby Nursery Curtain Panels 24W or 50W x 63, 84, 90, 96 or 108L in Premier Prints Coral Curtain Panels 24W or 50W x 63, 84, 90, 96 or 108L in Premier Prints Chartreuse & White Dots

A couple of highlights from last week's party, and then it's your turn!

Love this lamp by Sandrynka Hand Made .  I couldn't find the translate button, but I'm sure it's DIY. ;)
Lots of detail work in this darling little table by Victoria's Vintage Designs. 

Want to see highlights from the party each week?
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Party up, Folks! 

 Just remember to follow the rules!! :)

1.  Your post must be a Trash 2 Treasure, but I'm not picky on the "trash" part!  Please no recipes, advice, etc. 
If you took something and made it look better and it's NEW to Kammy's Korner - link it up, Baby! :)

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 I do try to visit each and every one of them eventually!!!  It's hard with three little munchkins who need attention and hate mommy's computer time. :)

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