Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Camouflaging Wood Damage {Dumpster Dresser}

Once a year, our little town has "trash day" where all week long people put their crap on the curb , and then on Saturday, it all gets picked up.  You can guess what happens all week before the truck comes!  People like me are racing other people like me to dig through the piles.  I used to be a little sheepish about it, now it's like WOO HOO - JUNK ON THE CURB!!!  Talk about the ultimate opportunity to churn out some "Trash to Treasure" projects!  

This was my haul from this spring:

Even I seriously questioned my sanity when I grabbed that dresser... it was so rough looking with a missing drawer.... but come on now. Since when did that ever scare me?  Throw it in the vehicle!

Once I got all the old paint scraped off of the top, there was this nasty spot under the paint that just got gunky when I sanded.... then I took a straight edge screw driver and tried to scrape what seemed to be solidified green slimey wood.... and I was just gouging the top like none other.  So I decided to just stop trying to get rid of it (because I kept making things worse!!) and camouflage it instead!  I know, I could have probably just painted it, but I was being real stubborn wanting to keep my original idea of refinishing the wood on top.

My sister-in-law buys me the best birthday presents ever.  We are so totally opposite, yet she knows me to a "T"!!  A new stencil!

Check it out!  Who even notices the damaged spot on the wood now?  Not me!
Kinda seems like I did things backwards doing the top before the rest but whatevs.

I painted the rest of the dresser black, and then used the table saw to cut a piece of wood to use as a shelf where the missing drawer was on the bottom.
Never let missing drawers scare you! :)

My mom just happened to have brought me some baskets when she visited last that couldn't have fit more perfectly!!  Sometimes it's just those things like that that make me go "wow!".  Kind of like when I order a swimsuit off the internet and it actually fits....

This will probably be going in my booth at the BRAND NEW Parma Antique Mall which I'm so excited to be a part of!!! 

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Simple Burlap Bow Around Chippy Board Sign

When you have to yank it off, might as well repurpose it!  Pretty sure this board came from right about where the bottom of Tim's ladder is, off the outside of the sunroom.  This delightfully chippy wood was all hidden underneath ugly aluminum siding and oh how I wish we could have restored the look BUT for reasons I won't go into...  we didn't. :(  So I'm having fun creating with the wood I cut up and added to my "salvage stash."

I cut a long piece of burlap, tied a knot in the middle of it and then just used a staple gun to attach the ends around the back of the board.

The letters are stenciled on, and I used Cutting Edge's Birds On A Branch stencil for the leaves overlapping  it onto the board in the spaces between the words.  It's a huge stencil, but I love using just small sections of it for projects like this. 
Here's one of the teachers using this "technique" at one of my sign painting classes:

I had actually put the lettering on this board as an example of what the different letters looked like for a sign painting class I was hosting (I'll say hosting rather than teaching because I didn't excel in the "teaching" department). 

Ms. Haney, our awesome school principal, chose to paint her sign on a piece of the chippy white wood which she actually painted a light aqua blue over... and it turned out so cute (wish I had a picture of her finished product):

I have more signs in the works using this awesome chippy old salvaged wood from off of the old "Lefere Mansion" so stay tuned.  :)

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Restoring The Little Garden Shed

So this isn't the first time I've posted about my little garden shed.  But this summer we really went to town on it and I'm excited to share how we brought it back to THE WAY IT WAS!  Like WAY back in the day! :)  I LOVE IT!!!!!

Here's how it looked back in 2014 when we bought the place:

We cleaned it up and I tried to "cutify" it....  but it needed a new roof, so we started there since we had extra metal left over from the cabin. The boys climbed on up for shingle tear-off since I assigned this task as their job.  Dad pitched in!

Next thing that needed to happen was that awful aluminum siding needed to come off to expose that adorable narrow wood siding!  I just knew it would be under there since we did the same thing to the gatehouse and ohhhhhhh I love how cute the gatehouse turned out!  So what if it will need to be painted again in a few years (says I now....)

Here's  Brockstar, the boy I watch before and after school who loves to help me on outdoor projects!
He's much easier to get work out of than my own boys!

Well well, what do you know?  Seems every building here has a hidden window that was covered up by aluminum siding!  Even the house!  So I guess this shouldn't have been a surprise to find....

Thankfully, I have a "window stash" so Tim found one to fit that came off the tenant house when we replaced those and was able to install it.  So much nicer to have some light in the shed since it isn't wired for lighting and the door always swings shut on me, trapping me in the dark with all those big and hairy, scary spiders!!!  I CAN SEE YOU NOW, SPIDEYS!

I got ahead of myself because I wanted to show you the window!  
Here's my Ty the Guy working on painting!

So I'd love your advice on the door!  

Probably some of you are already saying "SHE FORGOT TO PAINT THE DOOR!"
No....  I thought the chippy white paint on that old door was super cute and I just couldn't bring myself to cover it up!  
My mother cringes when she sees it.  
What do you think???
Clean, white and fresh?  Or Shabby chic and quaint?

I pulled that off of a pile of garbage on the curb I think....  

And my scrappy rag wreath has lived through several winters - first at our old house and now here on my garden shed.

The flag is made from old lath boards from house renovations.

Here's a little panoramic view from the house.  Cabin on the left, garden shed in the middle, root cellar on the right and if you look close, you'll see the windmill in the top right corner!

What did that look like before?  
here you go:

Wow!  These photos make me smile. :)  
Thanks for stopping in!

Sorry I'm not giving you a peek into the inside!  Not organized enough for THAT. :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Customized Signs by Kammy's Korner

Sometimes I get a request for a customized sign -  usually through my Etsy shop
Customizing makes me nervous - what if they don't like it and think that is TOTALLY not what I had in mind....  It's HARD to get into someone else's head!   Eeeek!  They make me nervous.  That being said, here are some over the last year that I've done for some folks: 

This was requested by a man for his wife's birthday.  He wanted a rustic Ephesians 2:8 for a blank spot on his wall.  He even sent me a picture, and showed me the colors of his rug, walls, etc so I could help him. He was a self-proclaimed clueless man. :)

My buddy Chuck Tomasello over at Hearthstone Farms bought this awesome vintage-looking sign at Menards but the problem was it said "Rise and Shine Farms" - well HELLOOOOO that will never do!  So he wanted to know if I could change it to Hearthstone Farms...

Using an old piece of wainscoting from off of our house, I tried to mix a red color to match the rooster and stenciled the letters on.  I sanded the edges so it had some distressing to match the original sign and used Gorilla glue to secure it over top the Rise And Shine jazz going on. 

Chucky-boy also brought me this.  Any of you old-times know what it is?  I sure didn't!
Back in the days of milk deliveries, this little door on the house would slide up and Mr. Milk Man would put the milk bottles in their cool spot. 

And one last one I did for Chuck and their veggie stand by Spring Arbor:

Here was one for Colby Sharp, a beloved third grade teacher in "THE VILLAGE" of Parma, where my kids attend.  His mom requested this and gave it to him as a gift.  It's rumored he's got a minor obsession with "The Village". :)

 After seeing an "OCD Obsessive Chicken Disorder" sign I had for sale in my Etsy shop, a woman wanted one for cats instead!  Why hadn't I thought of that?  She requested some fun colors of aqua blue, orange, and black and I was happy to deliver!  I made the cat stencil - you can see how I make them HERE.

This is actually one from a while back and I don't even remember one bit of the story behind it!
I just know she requested this quote with a tree in the background. :)  Such a cool family quote!

This was one of those requests on Etsy that made me nervous.  She wanted a specific color, and since I usually mix up my own with what I have on hand, I did three different ones and sent her a picture of them all side by side to see which one she thought was best. 

She liked the middle one, more of a greenish blue and requested the scrolly shapes in the background be white.  Sometimes you people have a better eye for design than I do, that's for sure!!  I love it with white in the background!!

And I was so thrilled to get this feedback from her - sometimes you just never know why someone wants what they do:  "... I'm going into surgery in a few days and have had this just below my TV to help me remember my faith!"
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