Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Graphite Black on Black Dresser With An Accent Drawer

My oldest had a birthday yesterday.
And not just any birthday.
He has entered DOUBLE DIGITS.  
His feet are now bigger than mine.  What happened?!

So he has totally outgrown his little dresser (which you can see HERE - it had awesome belt strap drawer pulls!), and I got this one from a friend's garage sale.  It was the perfect size and all!
First we had to get the Angry Bird Stickers off...

And then I gave the whole thing two coats of home made black chalk paint.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
I do not measure, but put probably about 1/4 cup hot water into a cool whip dish and added a few tablespoons of Plaster of Paris.  When that was stirred and dissolved, I poured in some black paint and stirred it well.  Done!

Then after toying with several different ideas that just didn't seem right.... I landed upon my little chevron stencil.  Now I KNOW chevron is quickly going the way of big hair and white nylons, but with the narrow stripes of this stencil and by off centering the stripes a bit, it gives it more of a herringbone look.  

I used black acrylic crafter's paint that you can buy for a dollar a bottle about anywhere and got to work.  Oh my, tedious is not my middle name.  I'm glad I wanted an accent drawer and didn't do all four of them - I would have lost my ever loving mind.  The black on black is just enough contrast and doesn't scream "I'M CHEVRON and I'm still trying to be the cool kid!!!!"  Instead it confidently states "I'm the man.  I'm masculine, and tough, and roll with it while keepin' it classy."  Yeah.

While this dresser doesn't need drawer pulls out of necessity.... it still needed something for style!

I found this handle in the garage in a bucket of odds and ends.  I have no idea where it came from but I'm sure I saved it off of something because ya know, might be able to use that some day!

I took it to Menards last night and found three more almost exact matches.  They were only $2 each!  You will not find these in the drawer pulls and knobs section, however! But now my mind is foggy on what isle they were in.  Sorry!

If you like it, pin it! I made this image just for you! :)

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Coffee Table Redo & Antique Mirror Tray Vignette

I've been using an old trunk in my living room for a coffee table.  It worked... but seemed to tall and bulky.  But I just hadn't found the perfect replacement so I left it. Turns out, the perfect replacement has been sitting in my garage for over a year!  My sister had given me a coffee table that HER sister-in-law gave her and it was no longer needed (the sister-in-law had moved to Hawaii, pshhh, and sister moved across town).  I love inheriting unwanted furniture!

I started out by painting the top with my DIY chalk paint - using a charcoal black/brown color.  Never know the names of my paint colors because I always buy mistints or make mix my own colors using mistints!

I painted the bottom with a slightly-off white (also DIY chalk paint) and then took my palm sander to the edges to distress it.  Distressing is the best thing since sliced bread.  Not just because it's the "in" look, but THANKFULLY it's the "in" look so that if someone scratches the leg of your newly painted table, chances are it will blend right in.  However, I must say that with my chalk paint recipe, I could hardly get the paint to sand off it dried so hard, let alone scratch it accidentally!

Then I used Mod Podge to seal it.  Yes I know, seems a little strange.  But after using it to seal my hand painted signs, I decided "why not on furniture too?"

Now if you've never used Mod Podge (decoupage) before, it might give you a heart attack when you put it on.  Relax.  The white WILL disappear and it will leave you with a clear coat.  This is the first time, however, that I was questioning if I should have used it or not.  The top of my table got a little wet and the dried Mod Podge turned white and then I did panic a little.  But once it dried, I wiped it down and it returned to normal.  The only downside with using it on this dark top was little dried flecks that fell into the container when I took the lid off got "painted" on and if I didn't get them picked out with my fingernails, they dried on as little white specks.  Not a big deal, but a perfectionist might have a problem with it!  It also goes on thick, so brush strokes seem to be inevitable.

I actually have been using this coffee table for a couple of months now but my staging abilities are not the greatest so I was waiting for my mom to come visit and help me in the staging department.  She must have changed this arrangement seventy eight times as you'll see a few pictures down....

Yes, my furball loves curling up on the rug under the coffee table. :)

And I think she's just adorable.  And now you can see that I didn't paint the underside! :)

Okay then mom gets the brilliant idea of using an antique mirror that I had picked up somewhere for a tray and rearranged the coffee table so I had to take new pictures!  :)  But I'm LOVING the final look - final only because she didn't have time to change it again before she left for Iowa.  Haha!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Tenant House Bathroom Before & After Photos

Today, I bring to you.... another post on the Tenant House!
If you're going "Tenant House?  What??"  Then maybe you need to back up and read about that in the Tenant House Mudroom Makeover HERE because I don't feel like explaining it all again.  If you don't want the whole story, it's one of the other houses on our property that we now rent out to some wonderful people!

Let's see some BEFORES, shall we?
Here is the state it was after we closed on the short sale:

And another....  eeeeek

Oh what's that?  You want to see that toilet up close and personal?
You got your wish.

Hey, I know life gets busy.  But really.  You gotta take time to clean the toilet now and then!

Mom and I scrubbed down the vanity but we weren't going to TOUCH that toilet.
Now this is where my hubby and I butted heads.  He was sure it could be cleaned up. (GAG). I insisted I would NEVER EVER make another human being sit on that dreaded toilet.
It became a joke.  When we got any extra money, Mom always said it should be put in the "new toilet fund."

And then there was the bathtub:

I'd say it's safe to say they used the upstairs shower??  Cuz just like it's a good idea to clean your toilet now and then... it's also a good thing to clean the bathtub.

Now you can see in the next pic where the bathtub was....  with the help of a sledge hammer, Dad and Hubby got it out:

And in the process...... my Dad "accidentally" smashed the toilet!  HAHA!  
Guess that solved our dilemma in a hurry!  Out went the toilet!

Does he look like it was an accident???

Yeah, probably a real good idea to get some new flooring put in while we're at it...  

This corner: such a perfect waste of space and such a perfect place for a shower! 
Figure it out, Honey!

Oh wait, I must zoom in on the top of that....  yeah -duct taped up to the ceiling.  Pretty classy!
Stay tuned further down this post to see the nice fix for that.

Oh what?  Retired friends looking for something to do?
Enter Linn and his buddy on the scene!!  New floor?  Bam.  New shower installation?  Bam.  New drywall?  Bam.  What's not to love about these guys?

Tearing in to lathe and plaster... always a neat and tidy job!

So because I took these pictures prior to anyone moving in, I do not have a pretty shower curtain or any of the extras - just the end result of our labors.  Wish I could have staged it a little!  But here's the new corner shower, toilet, floor......


And no more duct tape!  Put some molding around the top - just the thing to secure it and now the "walls" around the pipe don't wobble all over the place like they did previously.

Painted the old cabinet and a mirror to match, and spray painted the sconce lights with a hammered bronze.  New faucet, too!

The flooring is just a big sheet of vinyl that has the rustic wood look I love - we were nervous to try that but read lots of positive reviews so decided to give it a go.  I'm a little anxious to see how it holds up!

Now here are some side by side before and afters:

Toodle LOO!!

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