Saturday, March 7, 2020

Using Plastic Wrap To Help Strip Furniture Paint

A little furniture-flippin' hack for you guys today. 
The problem with blogging is, you read a cool trick somewhere and then years later when you actually try it you have no idea where you originally read the idea and therefore have to commit the blogging sin of not referring readers to your source.  
So don't get your undies in a bundle, I swear I'm not trying to pass this idea off as my own. I know I saw it somewhere....


This cute little piece had not only paint, but some sort of stick-on paper.  I know there's technical term for that but opening a new window up to google it sounds like too much work at the moment.  My fingers are flying over these keys and it would break my stride.  It's the stuff you line your kitchen drawers with. CONTACT PAPER! Yeah, that.  After I peeled that off, then I hit the layer of paint. Two layers, actually.

So here we go folks.  Here's what you need.
Dollar General plastic wrap, because there's no need to spend more money than necessary on Saran. And stripper? Yo dawg, I couldn't do that if my booty was in debt a million dollars. (Why doesn't it say "paint stripper"??) So really, I've never bought a new jug of stripper in my life.  If you hit up those estate sales where the adult kids are selling everything grandpa saved for the last sixty-eight years in that perfect work shop in his basement, you can get things like stripper for a quarter.  Sometimes free, if the metal on top is rusty like this one. Same goes for metal scrapers. 

So after you pour the stripper and spread it over the area you want stripped, cover it all in saran  Dollar General Clear plastic wrap and let it sit for fifteen minutes.  I have no idea how long I let it sit actually.  But people like an exact number when reading tutorials because they're brains are wired differently than mine so I'll say fifteen. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth or anything, just so air isn't getting on it.

By now it should be a goopy mess, kinda like the slime that your kid made in the guest bathroom which you didn't discover until you needed the corn starch which you found after turning the house upside down, in the bathtub, where slime has spread out all over and is seeping down the drain....

So just take a metal scraper and start sliding that stuff off like jello.  I keep an old cottage cheese container or something in my other hand to scrape it into, and a rag handy to clean off the edge of the putty knife.  (Putty knife, scraper, credit card, whatever straight edge it is you're using).

The problem I always run into (and I'm still not sure of the best way to deal with it) is all the paint that can seep down into the cracks of the wood.  Sometimes it REALLY seeps in, and even sanding the daylights out of it, doesn't always get it all. I tend to slap an appealing title on it like "beautiful imperfections" or "character in the chaos". Oh wait, is that the name of some book trying to tell me that my kids not having the perfect pinterest party and me showing up at school with disastrous hair means I'm actually an AMAZING mom and it's OKAY not to have it ALL together???  Whatever.  It actually means I'm being lazy and REALLY DON'T WANT TO SPEND SEVEN MORE HOURS on this cute little piece of furniture!!

Seriously though, ISN'T IT CUTE?!!!!!  And for me, the best part is I didn't have to get different knobs for it!  Notice I didn't say "new"knobs... cuz I don't do "new".  Ever. I loved these crystal knobs and how they show off on the fresh coat of black.  And that imperfect gorgeous wood top is just my thing.  

Now, if you like this idea, here's an image for you to pin on your Pinterest board.  And please do, because I think I spent the same amount of time making this graphic as I did taking the paint off the top of that little antique cabinet.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you've ever tried this!

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Snow Day On Gidley Lane

We finally had a snow day!  Two in fact!  
It was so pretty I had to put on my boots and take some pics for ya'll to enjoy.
It was snowin' and blowin' and my fingers were frozen so I didn't get to take as many as I wanted, but I did meander around the property quite a bit before I had to call it quits.

In this shot you can see the back of the windmill, Gidley Station (our Airbnb) and the back of our house.


There's a green metal roof under all that snow. :)
This barn makes me HAPPY!
That beautiful cupola? Thanks, DAD!
 Gidley Station and other outbuildings 

'Round here, we fly Old Glory!  This is Gidley Station's front porch (our Airbnb).

Front of Gidley Station

Where the driveway forms a 'Y'. Which way you wanna go?

If you chose to the left... you're coming to see me, cuz you ain't stayin' in that cabin in February!

Our front porch.  I miss slurping down home made chocolate malts out here in the summer.  Usually because the kids are playing out back and if I sit up here, they won't want one too.  Counting down the days...

Lion on guard

The backyard stone wall - that I think would make 
the perfect wedding stage someday. Or backyard band if anyone wants to jam!

Miss froggy doesn't seem to mind the snow.
  Either that or she froze with a smile on her face!

It's pretty.... but I'm longing for sweaty ninety five degree days and mowing nice straight lines in my yard!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Take a peek inside Gidley Station
Click photo to see before and afters!

Fixing up the Dutch Windmill

Restoring the gatehouse

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Repurposed Vintage Roller Skates and Skating Back In The Day

Cheers to the people out there who don't see the potential in old crap!
Cheers to the friends who give junkers like me their old crap!
Cheers to the people who will buy my repurposed old crap!
Cheers to my mom who will probably
 chastise me for using the word crap too much on my blog.

A friend down the road asked if I wanted some old skates.
Sure, why not?  Holy rust.  He gave me some ice-skates too which are way worse in the rust department than this pair of roller skates so I'm not sure what I'll do with those yet. But these wheels wouldn't budge. I thought about WD40ing the daylights out of them to see if I could get the wheels to spin, but prior experiences said my time would be better spent trying to figure out my Instant Pot.  I've been scared of it for a whole year now.

But back to skates, do you have ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVED TO SKATE GROWING UP??

One of our friend-moms was awesome at capturing our fun on camera and her daughter Heidi has been digitizing some oldies but goodies and was a sweetie and shared them with me.  Judging from our amazing wardrobes, can anyone guess about what year these were taken?? Hint, my jeans are tight rolled! (Yes, that's me on the right in that gnarly pink sweater with my two friends Dixie and Mindy in the back who are are actually my age, and then my little sister Karly and her pal Diane in front).

Rollerskating in Waterloo, Iowa, probably about the same year as the pic above!
We tore that rink up on the rare occasion we got to go to the roller rink.  Usually we did our rollerskating in our big machine shed behind the house that had a smooth cement floor. 

I still love to skate, actually. But now I like to put on the rollerblades and do twenty miles as fast as I can down the Falling Waters trail.  It's really hard to find a partner to do that with, so it doesn't happen as often as I'd like.  

Shall we get back to crafting? Just to show you what it's like while I'm crafting, I'm never "just" doing one project as you can see.  There is a skate ready to get "stuffed", coffee table getting worked on, cleaning out my craft room, an arrangement in a tea pot, and who knows what all going on next to me that you can't see.

I got these faux succulents on a square grid on super clearance at Joann's.  I think I bought all the store had, and I've used them for lots of crafts!  This just might be one of my favorites so far!
I hot glued faux moss from the Dollar Tree on a Styrofoam ball and then added the succulents and stuffed it into the skate.  I tied the tongue down with jute so you could still read the "Sprints" tag.

 And the other look,
 the one my kids think looks "sooooo much better than the other one, Mom"...
Whatever, I think I like the succulent one the best.  Got a preference, readers?

Like it?  Pin it!

If you would love one for yourself but don't have skates for crafting, these are both for sale in booth #93 at the

No photo description available.

And just for fun.... how about some more skating pics from the early 90's (late 80's?) ??
I'm pretty sure I spy someone straight outta Napoleon Dynamite in that third shot!

Anyone recognize this young McCandless and his beauty queen??

If you know Diane VanMill, I bet what you DIDN'T know about her, was she could tear up the skating floor better than anyone else out there!  She wasn't out to impress, but SHE IMPRESSED!

Michelle is not the Napoleon Dynamite character, but the dude behind her might be...

What? My Dad?  I didn't even know he could skate. But there he is, killing it with that rad button up.

Mindy and Christina, princess wavin' at the onlookers

Anyone else miss the eighties and nineties like I do???
Okay, maybe not the clothes so much.... 🤣🤣

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Library Coffee Table And A Barn Kitty

For all the people I get fed up with, there are even more amazing ones out there.  (Okay honestly, I usually just love on people, but having PMS on New Years Eve and all my friends being gone or busy made for a crappy last couple days and I may or may not have been having a little pity party for myself while hubby watched nine hours straight of football. Haha.).  Back to the subject at hand - my friend texted me a picture of this beauty asking if I wanted it or his friend was putting it on the curb.  Ohhhhh yes, that should be a given! He even delivered it - SO NICE! It was a library table that looked like it had been shortened into a coffee table.  Aside from the rough paint finish it was in awesome shape - heavy, sturdy, easy sliding drawer!

I wanted to bring the top back to it's original wood beauty.  And yes, just the top, because the thought of stripping round legs and nooks and crannies makes me want to go to a remote island and never come back. Oh man, I used some paint stripper I had and for those of you who ask me for advice and I tell you "every project is an experiment and I'm not an expert" is totally true!  Under the black paint was white paint.  And it seemed like the stripper made the white seep deep into every little bit of wood grain and to get it all out I would have had to dig it out with a needle. And perhaps I'd finish in 2023. I threw up my hands and decided the bits of white added character. (Isn't that the favorite line of all DIYers??)

Okay, so here you can see how the bits of white paint are ingrained in the wood.  However, this is a close up and the stain actually made it blend in even better than I could have hoped... but it sure ain't perfect. I used a clean, dry rag to apply this Minwax Gel Stain.  After a few coats of the gel stain, I gave it a few coats of poly.

I liked the bottom black, so gave it a couple fresh coats of homemade black chalk paint and she was finished!  I didn't get a great picture, sorry, but I had it finished in time to sell at my barn sale in November and the weekend before the sale, I had some guests in Gidley Station, our Airbnb, who walked through the barn, spotted it (along with a few other things), and just had to have it! :)  They also wanted to buy my precious little barn kitty.  And they weren't kidding!

My fluffy little Muffin is a hit with every single person who walks into my barn. Cat person or not.  And if you're scoffing at that, well you just come meet him yourself!  Here's little Muffin getting loved on by the six hundred and eighth person - and this littler person is even cuter than the kitty, which is saying a lot!

He's growing crazy FAST and the fluffy little mane around his neck is getting thicker and thicker.  Here's me and my little ball of fluff.  Yes I know, SWEET vintage flowered barn couch, yeah??

This is the second time I've gotten off subject.  
Anyone wanting to see the finished coffee table??

Oh yeah, I'm not quite finished with the barn kitty subject....  it's not all roses....  LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO MY CHAIR!!!!! I can't believe it.  Good thing I got it free.... but still. 😭

But could you?  COULD YOU get mad at that little face???

Here's one final before/after shot!

Thanks for hanging out on Kammy's Korner!
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