Monday, November 23, 2015

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday Link Party & Features

Welcome to another week of Trash 2 Treasure!

 If you are a blogger, this is where you can share your trash to treasure projects with the rest of us.  And if you are not a blogger, this is where you come to be inspired, get ideas, and just have fun looking at what other people's sweat can produce :)

In case you missed a post on the Korner last week I shared some super exciting new projects:

and lastly, some before and afters of the back door area of the house:

Features from last week's party:

Teen Boys Bedroom Reveal, MyLove2Create
My Love 2 Create created pretty much THE coolest teen boys room EVER in the history of teen boy rooms!
Lou Lou Girls made not only a cute pallet Christmas tree, but pallet Christmas gifts as well!  So cute!
Super adorable bench makeover by Redo It Yourself

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Party up, Folks! 

 Just TWO rules to follow!

1.  Your post must be a Trash 2 Treasure, but I'm not picky on the "trash" part!  Please no recipes,  advice, etc. 
If you took something and made it look better and it's NEW to Kammy's Korner - link it up, Baby! :)

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Link up, Buttercup!

Window Seat Storage Boxes From Corn Crib Wood & The Dollar Tree

So last week we ventured inside the corn crib and found an amazing wooden plank walkway that turned into some awesome, one-of-a-kind window seats.  Now let's venture BACK into the same corn crib and see what we can find for the slide-underneath-storage boxes for those window seats (see those HERE)!

Wouldn't you know it - all those boards are tongue and groove!  Yessss!  Here's dad removing them.  I ended up finding it easier to just sawzall them off!

I measured and cut them all to size with a miter saw (I know, I know, don't lecture me on how I should be wearing safetly glasses - already heard it from posting this pic on Facebook!)

Then we screwed them all together, using a triangular shaped piece on the inside of each corner (hubby did that part!) and screwed a piece of plywood on for the bottom.  Sorry, I get too busy working to take pictures sometimes! Bad for a blogger...

Here they all are put together with the 100-years-of-dirt scrubbed off.

Next, I bought six black 3.5" x 5" frames at the Dollar Tree.  That was my only expense right there, folks.  Six stinkin' bucks.  People think because we live in "The Mansion" that we're rich.  No, people.  We're FRUGAL!!  Like, really, really frugal. 

Since I wanted to be able to change up the labels, I decided they couldn't go behind the glass since I was gluing the whole back of the frame on.  The glass was also glued into the frame (that was a new one to me) and I couldn't get it out.  So I just painted the chalkboard paint (plaster of pairs dissolved in hot water and stirred into paint) on top of the cardboard insert, cut it down on the top and side a bit.....

And tucked it under the frame (and over to the glass).

I smeared Gorilla Glue all over the back of the frame and set a heavy book on it until it was dry.

Of course, the pretty kitty had to check out a new hiding spot!
I decided to leave two spaces open for books.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

One Of A Kind Window Seats From A Planked Wood Walkway

Who doesn't love a room full of windows, sunlight and WINDOW SEATS?!!!  Oh man, I've always wanted window seats, but never had a good place to put them. Until this house.  Until we gutted the nasty, scary, yucky old sunroom and replaced all the broken old windows.  Then I needed window seats.  

But of course, you should know by now that I'm not going to let "the men" go to town to buy some new lumber.  No, no.  We got plenty of that.  Reclaimed wood, folks.  Reclaimed is all the rage, but it's also easier on the pocket book AND hello.... check out this old corncrib about to fall down!  FREE, AWESOME, WEATHERED, RUGGED wood!

So last time Dad was visiting from Iowa, we grabbed our creative imaginations and set out for the corncrib to see what we could dream up.

We talked about the hard time I was having getting those old boards on the side off and whether we should use those for the window seats or just build the storage boxes for underneath with them.  And then.....  then we had a moment.   I'm pretty sure we both looked up at the same time and noticed THIS and the exact same thought hit us upside the head:

Well oh my goodness gracious, THE TOP OF THE WINDOW SEAT!  I took off as fast as my short legs would carry me to get a measuring tape.  Seriously. The length of the one wall where the bench was to go was fourteen feet.  You guessed it - this dirty old white planked walkway up in the rafters was just over fourteen feet!!!  And completely filled to the top (it was upside down) with pine cones!  Better than coon poop, which is what I was totally expecting.

So we need to build legs...  I told my Dad I had 2x4s in the garage. "Ohhhh no" he said, "this whole project is going to be supplied from things we find in the corncrib.  This.  Is a corn crib project."  Okay whatever, make your job more difficult if you must.  Man, I love my Dad. :)

We decided it wouldn't be quite deep enough, since I was sure to load the back with pillows, so we added an extra board to the back and then Dad put the legs on.  Dad thought it was time to paint it and I couldn't believe it didn't have a bottom. No, no, no... it can't just sit on the floor like that!  Don't you remember all the pictures I showed you on Pinterest, Dad???  

Being the wonderful, daughter-loving man that he is.... he cut each leg down shorter to compensate for the bottom piece that was to be added on.  Oh man, sorry Dad.  I thought we were on the same page with this project!!!  I think it, you do it.  We just gotta make good n' sure all of my "think" gets transferred to his "thinker"!

We did end up buying some new lumber to replicate this look for the perpendicular wall.  Too bad we didn't find a second walkway.  Just kidding.  I'm thankful to have found one!

It was beastly heavy and not the easiest to get in to place since it sits snug against each wall.  But the folks and hubby managed while I snapped pictures and  gave them good job pats.

It was frigid and windy that day, so we decided to finish painting them in place.  Probably not the easiest, but warmth and comfort trumped easily that day!

It provides seating on two sides of my extra dining room table now and the kids love to sit there and do puzzles, play games, and color.

A close up of the top. All we had to do was clean it and give it some fresh paint! We used semi gloss so it would be easy to wipe off.  
The boxes underneath are a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother blog post.
So be patient and you'll hear about those soon. :)

Same with the story on the awesome barn door - future blog post! :)

Since I'm showing you all this loveliness... who wants to see what this room looked like early this summer?  These are some doozy "before" shots:

 You can read the funny story about the radiator and what we did with it HERE.

There really are just two things left that I need to do in this room.

1. Buy a big rug (suggestions??)
2. Clean all the filthy old shutters, paint them white, and rehang them!


Are you ready for this?!!!

About $25

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back Door Makeover and More

This post is loaded with a lot more "befores" and "durings" than afters (just keep scrolling, the pretties are comin').  But have fun checking out some of the progress on this here area of the backside of the house.  Seeing how far we've come from just over a year ago makes me wanna "KICK MY HEELS UP AND SHOUT!"

As we were tearing off the old aluminum siding, low and behold we uncovered these adorable wood shutters!!!!!  I begged and pleaded to keep them, just reattach them to the new siding but I lost that one.  They WILL reappear somewhere, someday though - rest assured!  They are safely stashed away in the garage.  Just waiting.

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