Monday, July 17, 2017

An Aqua Blue Kitchen Table For The Little Cabin

I'm going to guess it was about four years ago when I walked into a country church sale and bought this table AND four chairs AND two leaves - for just $10.  Someone wanted to buy a hodge podge of kitchen chairs from me, so I sold those off.  Then I pulled this thing out for a soup supper we had for our church last fall and was struck with how ugly it was.  And lonely, sitting there gathering cobwebs against the wall in the back shed.  It was time to be beautiful and shine!  (And what were those white spots?  I have no idea!)

I have this gallon of mistinted aqua blue paint that I've been using a lot lately.  The color just makes me sigh with contentment.  But asking what color it is does not... since I just told you it was a mistint. :)

After painting it with my mistinted no-name aqua blue (which I turned into chalk paint with Plaster of Paris), I distressed the edges with sandpaper so some of the dark wood showed through.

Then I put on my big girl panties, and got out the polyurethane.  
I. hate. poly.
But it's a necessity with a kitchen table!!  I put about four coats on with a foam brush.

One of the things I dislike about polyurethane is that it yellows.  Yes, even a little bit if you get the supposed "non-yellowing" kind.  But since this wasn't white, it was totally okay.  You can barely see the 'yellowed' areas.

Perfect for out in our little "cabin". Which, has been rented out two nights since we listed it on Airbnb last week, by the way!!  YAY!!! :)  Check out the listing HERE.

Now if only I hadn't been a bonehead and sold the matching chairs.... :)  But I got that super cute fold up one from Marie.  She just pulled in one day with her truck and said, "Hey, you want anything I got in here before it goes to Goodwill??"  Those, my peeps, are your true friends.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Whimsical Stenciled Stairs For The Cabin

I would never do something this crazy in my house and probably not in our rental properties either.  HOWEVER, in the little cabin behind our house?  I've been DYING to do something like this somewhere and FINALLY - I got the place!!! 

So what's this "place"?  Here's a picture from the post I did on the outside of the little "cabin" or "summer kitchen" or  even "the dollhouse" as I was told Elsie Lefere referred to it as.

We had done some major clean up on the outside, but the inside was still in need of work! 
Not just paint, but we had a powderpost beetle problem that had to get professionally taken care of.
See all those white spots on the floor?  Those are actually little piles of sawdust powder from those stinkin' beetles.  I'm just glad they weren't termites or the whole place would probably no longer be standing!

So after all the walls got some white paint, I was dying to do something fun with these steps up to the loft.
Oh, and notice the floor!!!  After we got them all cleaned up - what a DARLING little touch was under all that dirt - white daisy flowers stenciled on the wood plank floors.  I LOVE THEM!  I think Elsie Lefere painted those and I was super excited to leave a little "touch of Elsie". 

I've been using this aqua blue mistint paint I bought a lot lately.  Stay tuned to see what else got the "blue treatment" in this cabin.

So I had a few ideas floating around in my head.  One was stencil all the risers, another was to paint a fun quote going up each riser, or maybe some fun words like "adventure" "explore" "wander"....  so whenever I'm not settled on an idea I call my pal Maran.  Her idea... stencil them, but use a different stencil on each riser!  Oh did that ever strike my fancy.  

Here's the plethora of stencils I used:

Yes, it was tedious work, but really didn't take all that long!  I eyeballed everything.  I totally hate numbers.  Measuring involves numbers.  I used a dark gray home made chalk paint - leftover from some other projects, of course. :)

I gotta say, I think the last one, the bottom one, turned out to be my favorite!

Almost Airbnb ready!! :)  
What's Airbnb?  Google it. 
And if you want to see our other Airbnb - Gidley Station - click here

Thanks for stopping by!!  
And stay tuned for more on this little cabin makeover! :)

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Friday, June 30, 2017

When The Mirror Breaks... Beautiful Antique Dresser Makeover


Hi!!!!!!  You thought I'd abandoned Kammy's Korner, didn't you?
I may have just gotten too busy.  I even semi-retired from lawn care jobs this summer so I wouldn't be so busy!  And here I am, too busy to blog! :)

So last summer, one of my lawn mowing clients took me into one of her out buildings and asked if I'd like a couple pieces of furniture.  It was in rough shape BUT I WAS IN LOVE!  (See, there are major perks to having a grass cutting business!!  And wait until you see the SECOND piece she gave me..if I ever finish it!)

So that mirror.  It was reeeally messed up.  But I see these days, there are actually tutorials on HOW to antique your mirror to make it look all messed up and old.  Really?  If that floats your boat, hey I say put your sails up and hit the waves hard.  But if I have a mirror, I want to be able to see my pimples clear enough to pop them.  You are either "ewwwwing" right now or "amen-ing"!  Bahahaha.

And then.... my problem about what to do with the mirror was solved in one huge nasty wind storm.  The same storm that did THIS:

Also did this:  blew the mirror right over and broke it into a hundred pieces.
But ummmm, cool wood slats back there?  Uh, yes please?
Those slats told me loud and plain "make me a chalkboard!!"
So I mixed up my chalkboard paint and did as I was told (see my recipe HERE).
I'm obedient like that.

I'll just show you now the final result of the chalkboard before I get back to more details because oh goodness it's beautiful.  But I'm not patting myself on the back here.  No, you say?  No, because I couldn't make my handwriting look that good if my life depended on it.  My good pal Becky came to the rescue.  That girl is a free-handing WHIZ.  I'm so envious.  But so thankful she doesn't hoard her skills for herself.  See?  "There's ALWAYS something to be thankful for!".

So the question when done painting - which I went with a pale yellow to match the curtains in my guest room - is always "to distress or not to distress".  Okay it's not really that big of a question to me. 
I usually distress.  Mostly because then if it gets scratched, who cares?  Just looks like part of the patina. 

So I just did some light distressing on this - sandpaper by hand around the edges of the details, like these flowers.  See the comparison and how it brings out the design in this next photo?

I have to tell you this.  I wanted a table top oscillating fan for the guest room since there's no ceiling fan.  I had an old rusty aqua blue one in my booth at the Parma Antique Mall so I went in to get it when Darin tells me he's got one in his trailer that I  can have for a good price.  DUDE.
Exactlyyyyyyyyyy what I wanted!!  

Yeah for yellow!  I love the sunny "new" look in this room!
See what was there before, along with pictures of the whole room HERE.

Wow, that was a close one! It JUST barely fits under the wall sconce light!!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the drawer pulls!  If you noticed in the first photos, the top ones were broken or missing.  I just happened to "find" the two I used on the top drawer out in the little summer cottage behind our house on some cabinets down in a hidden corner.  They were the right size and exact right coloring!  Viola!  LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Yeah, so there are business cards on it for when people stay in our airbnb.  Yes, I really do have it listed, don't freak out.  It's only available like .4% of the time. Ha.
And isn't that copper tray great?  My mom has an obsession with trays.  So pretty sure that was one she picked up for me. One of the 58 she's given me in the last couple of years. :)

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Curbside Office Chair

Laugh and point ALL YOU WANT when you see me driving around Parma during spring clean up day snatching "junk" off the curbs cuz CHECK IT OUT, YO!  

This was DAY ONE'S haul - in just 45 minutes of leaving my house after getting a text from a local that read "Kammy, people are putting good stuff on the curb.  If you want anything you better hurry!"
I love it that my Parma peeps are always lookin' out for me. :)

So I got my in's too - a few people put their stuff back by their garage until I've taken what I want before they haul it all to the curb.  I oughta make those dudes some cookies!  Like I said, love that my Parma peeps are always lookin' out for me!

So I snagged this chair.  It was totally stripped of any varnish or finish so the bare wood just SOAKED up the paint. And that's a good thing, because that means it won't scratch easy.  Yay!   Don't bother asking what specific shade of blue this is - it's a mistint that I bought marked down, like all the other paint I buy.

It was also missing it's wheels, but this is when being a hoarder comes in handy.  Of course I had a box of old wheels that I've collected and luckily I had four that matched.  Bingo!

Ain't she perty??  But I think anything blue is....  except for my teeth and lips after that graduation cake I ate this morning. 

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