Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tall Stereo Cabinet Before and After

Guess what?  It's an old stereo cabinet.  A beat up, nasty one, with beauty-potential for only $1 at a yard sale!!
It sat all wompy because one leg was shorter than the rest. It was an easy fix with the sawzall.  Just chopped them all down to make them even. :)  Then glued that cracked trim along the bottom, peeled up the top layer of veneer on top (which did NOT end up being easy) and painted it white.

THEN.... rather than peel off the bubbled and warped veneer on the sides... I got out a bundle of lath.  My parents keep lovingly bringing me bundles of old lath they get from old houses that are being remodeled.  So awesome to have a stash of this stuff!!

I secured it with my favorite tool in the world, this ryobi nail gun.

And ta da!  Ain't she cute?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Barn Project Photo Gallery

From 2014 until now, the spring of 2018, here's the progression of the big barn on our place!  Still working on the inside, but it's come a long ways, too!  Pictures of the inside will be in another post someday.


My mom working hard... who paid dearly with poison ivy!

We might have lost our minds if we weren't allowed to have any fun! :)
Tarzan probably wouldn't have been too impressed with me....

Basketball, anyone?

This was an exciting night - Tim got the lights turned on!!

Dad to the cupola rescue!!!  He rented a lift and worked his magical carpentry skills, that he claims not to have....

Building a new one:

I painted the cupola during the hottest day of summer.  On a metal roof.  Dumb.

Replacing all the rotten boards (Thanks, Barn Cats):

Tearing down the rotten lean-to:

Painting crew on the job!

And now... such a beautiful sight!!

 Have a great day everyone, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Sunday Curb Shopping On The Church Van

A few Sundays ago, my hubby and I's turn to drive the church van rolled around.
We stopped at one of my favorite girls' house and I spotted this old, dated table with the glass top missing, sitting on the curb in front of her place.  

You can imagine the raised eyebrows of the kids when I asked if there was anything wrong with their table besides the missing glass and that I wanted it. :)

So after sunday school, we made the rounds dropping off kids, and the table was still there.  I mean, it was meant to be if it was still there an hour later, right?  Those are usually such hot items. ;)  Hubby is used to my curb shopping, but this particular day did NOT want to be a part of this shenanigan.  He caved with the "Honey if you love me..." line.    One of the little boys helped pull it into a back seat and held on to it so it wouldn't topple over.  I was surprised to learn this was a new experience for them on the van!  You mean, none of the other drivers pick up junk while on the route??

Now what to do with it!

My awesome parents bring me bundles of lath when they come to visit. 
I'm so glad they "get me" and rescue this stuff from getting burned when they help people with remodeling projects!!  "Ope, don't pitch that... our daughter will want those...."

So, don't really have any pictures of the process, but it was pretty easy.  Cut, nail gun the ends, sliver, sand, poly, more slivers, more sanding, poly.... and paint/distress the frame white. :)

Since lath isn't the strongest of wood out there, I sure wouldn't use this as a step stool or anything.  A heavy pile of books might not even be a good idea.  But with normal usage, I think it should be fine. 

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Have a great day everyone, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
Be creative! :)

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Repurposing: Pillars to Closet Doors?! Rustic and Truly Unique!

Nine exterior doors.  Nine doors to come in from outside and leave shoes in front of.  Nine doors to confuse the Fed Ex man.  Nine doors to let cold air in. Nine doors to lock before bed. Nine doors to the outside world from one house is just too many bloody doors!!!!

So we decided to eliminate this one when we resided the house.  Not only was it an unnecessary door, but it would sure be a great place for a closet to store my vacuum cleaner.  Before the door went bye-bye, we carefully took down the trim off since it was exactly what we needed when we cut the hole in the wall for a doorway in the family room!  (See that HERE.  Seriously, check it out.  One of my favorite little renos!)

Then, the house got resided and it got a lovely piece of nasty plywood to cover the opening... and that was it.  Plywood.  For THREE YEARS.  The poor thing.

If you look through the foyer, you can see those funky green and gray flowered curtains.  That's what I hung up to hide the plywood wall and to use for my closet "doors".  They just hung there on a tension rod and looked sorta dorky, while I waited for a closet to happen.  The closet would be a good winter project, hubby said.  But each winter that went by... the closet sat waiting....

And then it happened.  I can't remember the amount of persuading it took, but a piece of drywall finally got cut this winter and hung!  (And the opening insulated, too!)

Now let's back up three years again....  to these pillars!  Remember these?
We took off the aluminum siding and lo and behold there were old, half rotted, square pillars with wood shutter inserts under that siding!  My unbelievable dad, takes them down, and puts the huge things in the back of us pick up truck, drives 500 miles back to his home in Iowa and builds replicas of them!  I told him NOT to trash the old pieces.  There had to be SOME way to repurpose those somewhere!!!  (See the pillar blog post here)

Enter closet!! 

But wait!  They even got use in between!  As a wedding backdrop for some friends' wedding!
How beautiful are they behind the head table??

Okay let's jump ahead now to April of 2018.  Dad is back.  HE'S BACK!
And the gears in his brain are turning, folks! 
We checked out the sliding barn door hardware and about passed out in the Lowes aisle over the pricetag.  We decided we could improvise with pulley wheels and steel poles.

The toughest steel rods we bought in Lowes, while still being narrow enough to fit in the pulley, was not strong enough for our heavy "doors" and bowed in the middle.  So it was off to Alro Steel for something more sturdy.

And then I got my "shiplap" \ display shelf above....

And voila! All I had to do was paint and -  Done!  Glass jugs line the shelf, the chippy doors got a fresh coat of white paint, while keeping their texture, and the shutters are green again - to match the shutters you find on the new pillars outside, and on the exterior of the house.  A few people thought I was nuts for painting them green, but I love how it ties in everything on the property.

Have a great day everyone, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
Be creative! :)

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