Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Tone Chunky Table and a Cow Makeover

I have a good junkin' buddy named Maran.  I've brought her name up a time or two or twenty on this blog because she and I are like two peas in a pod, only I'm the shriveled up yellowed pea and she's the crunchy delicious pea that you would want to eat straight up fresh out of the garden.  I like to think of her as a much more sophisticated version of myself.  She has a beautiful way of saying things, while eloquence of speech seems to totally elude me no matter how hard I wish it to flow from my luscious lips.  I know I must have luscious lips because once I was in the Lowe's hardware store and a woman - who looked about two decades my senior - walked straight up to me and told me so, asking me what kind of lip gloss I was wearing to achieve my "luscious lips" look.  Hmmmm.  Something from the Dollar Tree??

How did I get sidetracked into lips.  Maran.  Maran and I were junking.  We both loved this table.  She loved it and I didn't need it, so being a good junking buddy, I let her take it home.  Fast forward a few years.  I leave the peaceful countryside of Michigan to  help her pack up her belongings in Chicago to move to another way-too-heavily-populated-destination-for-my-liking and low and behold but what to my wandering eyes do I see but this sad little table in her garage.  You guessed it.  She sent it home with me. :)

So what happens when it's winter in Michigan and I can't go out to work in my freezing cold unheated workshop?  The work shop gets brought in.  To my formal living room.  Yeah, it's super awesome to have paint projects right next to all my fancy furniture.

I painted the bottom of the table with a homemade DIY gray chalk paint (left over from the bedroom floor I painted/stenciled in Gidley Station which you can see HERE) and used Restor-A-Finish to make the wood top beautiful again.  I wanted it to look rustic, so I didn't do anything to it other than clean it.  Then using a clean old rag, rubbed the Walnut colored stain over the top.  I have no idea who sent me this wonderful stuff in the mail, but I'm grateful, using it, and loving it!

Ain't she CUTE?

I gotta give you some insight into what you see decorating the table before you move on
in the world wide web of entrapment.

See anything in this pile of junk I found in the barn?
Yes - see that pile of clipboards??
I painted a bunch of them with chalkboard paint.
And I just love digging through the old junk in my barn and finding amazing things like clipboards!
(May I insert here, that this fall while digging UNDER this makeshift table full of clipboards and books, I also found a Christmas tree, in the box, still UNOPENED and wrapped in bubble wrap with lights and pinecones and oh I sure loved having two trees up this year!)

And the white cow....  it used to be a kitschy little thing until it met up with some high gloss white spray paint.  It took a several coats to cover up the black and green and you can STILL see it just a tad... but only if you really stop and study it.  I love him all white with my faux greenery (the only kind I can keep alive) in it!

Like it? Pin it! :)

This adorable little rustic side table is waiting to be an end table or nightstand in your house and it CAN be because it's in my cute little booth over at the


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Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Guest Room Retreat {Updates}

If you know me, you know once I have a room decorated the way I like, it's not likely to change for a long time!  In fact, nothing would probably ever change if it weren't for my mom coming to visit!  I'm all like "well that room makeover was a lot of work.  I'm done with it for the next decade!"

She called this fall from a Kohl's in Iowa.  She had found these pretty curtains that had a super vintage look to them and she thought they'd be awesome in my guest room.  It's the year 2016, and she could have just texted me a photo, but I guess we forgot it's 2016 and I couldn't picture them in my mind so she bought them anyway and brought them when she came to visit.  I loved them!  But they totally clashed with the area rug so thus began the switching up of rugs, furniture, and new wall decor!
(Click HERE to see what it looked like before, all the way back to ripping up carpet, etc).

So here you go!
Enjoy this photo tour of our guest room updates!

The antique mirror right at the entrance is super special as it belonged to Norman Crawford.

The yellow in the vintage-looking curtains pulls out the yellow crocheted flowers on the pillow shams.  

That dresser has done it's time and is only there until I find a good replacement! :)
It works great though for blanket storage and the basket on the bottom is where I put everything that I want to remember to give my parents when they come visit.  The trunk got moved in front of the window which opens up the room so much more than when it was at the foot of the bed.

The old World War II photograph is a favorite!  As for the antler, I have the boy I've babysat before/after school for years to thank for that!  In fact, you can find several around my house thanks to my little hunting and antler-collecting buddy!

This bed is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  
My mom found it years ago stashed in a back corner of a booth in an antique mall for a great price and asked if I wanted it.  Yeah! :)  It's beautifully carved in the Eastlake style and the dark wood shows off so good on the white beadboard walls (pssst - beadboard wallpaper, that is! But everyone gasps and thinks it's the real thing!!)

The faux fireplace (gel fire) switched places with the love seat and also made for a more open floor plan.

I hardly ever, ever, EVER buy decor for my home but I really wanted a green wreath for this wall (boxwood or magnolia to be exact) but I couldn't find one in the budget.  Then I happened upon this moss one for sale at JoAnn's for just $7.50!  I still felt like it was a splurge... haha....  but it was exactly what the big white blank wall needed.  It's hung inside a big black frame I found in my stash by a thick gold ribbon - also found in my craft stash.

Cozy fireplace corner....

 I've scoured the internet looking for info on this old child bust, but can't find one like it.  If anyone has anything to offer, please fill me in!  It has "PRINTEMPS" engraved across the bottom.

And last but not least, we have a pull out love seat for when extra sleeping space is needed!
Come and be our guest! :)

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Recovering Dining Chairs With Men's Dress Shirts!

So we're nine days into the new year.  HOW DID YOU SPEND NEW YEARS EVE?

Let me tell you how I spent mine.
I was in Iowa.  Cuz I got some swell family and swell friends that live in that swell state.
But holy smokes is Iowa cold.  That part is not swell.  Michigan ain't got nothin' on those Iowa winds.  I felt like I was back in the tropics coming home to Michigan!

Anyways, the night before, my friend Rebekah decides to have a New Year's gathering at her newly purchased awesome bachelorette pad.  She really wanted to paint the dining room/kitchen before the party that night so along with her sister, I showed up and we got to work.  Well you know how discombobulated a room looks when you're painting, and then boxes of stuff from just moving in, and well I just had a hard time thinking she was going to have the house ready for a party in nine hours.  But not only did we have the room painted and Bek got the house in tip-top shape, but her and I decided we had plenty o' time to recover her dining room chairs!

DISCLAIMER: I didn't bring my camera, so I'm sorry for the low quality phone pics!

Rebekah is brilliant when it comes to home decor.  Well shucks, she's brilliant at other things too, but I especially think her style is tops.  She brought out a big stack of old men's dress shirts and said we'd be using them to recover the chairs.  AWESOME!!!!  Especially since at least one was her late Grandpa's.  Presh.

We opened them up and laid the seat cushion in the middle of the shirt.

Pull the fabric up around the edges super tight so there's no bubbles.  And also if you're too lazy to iron the shirts first - which we were - this will pull out the wrinkles.  Boom.

When using a non-batter powered staple gun, you'll more than likely need to hammer the staples down more.  Cuz they're just pain in the butts like that.  I always thought it was just mine, but nope.  Her's too.

Rebekah and I stayed nourished with plenty of chocolate to help us complete the task.
Make sure you don't skip that step or you could end up very unhealthy.
Because really, chocolate is cocoa.  And cocoa is a plant.  Which makes chocolate a salad.  And we all know ordering a salad is always the healthy choice....

So check out this gorgeous line up!  How cooooool to not have them all matchy-matchy!
They are different shades of grays, greens, purples and blues.  Some solid, some striped, some gingham, all awesome.  

There were eight chairs, and it only took the two of us about an hour.  An hour and chocolate.
Or maybe two hours.  Cuz time flies when I'm with Bek.  Cuz I love her.  A lot.
And I love her "new" chairs.  A lot.  And I'm glad I got to be a part of them.  A lot glad.

I should probably tell you she painted the chairs with light gray chalk paint, but not just any chalk paint.  It was SPRAY PAINT form.  And don't ask me any more questions about it because I DON'T KNOW.  I've never used it.  All I know is she said it was easy.  And she liked it.  So there's that.

We should have some photos of us with the chairs, right?  Cuz that's just what you do when you're a blogger.  But hubby took them on his phone and well....  quality is lacking but hey,  just like I'm not perfect, and you isn't perfect, pictures can't always be either.  So give them a break. :)

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And please do pin it, because it took me a long time to put this image together for you.
(So it's hard to be a techy when you're just NOT A TECHY).

OH AND GUESS WHAT?!  I did a thing.  A new thing for the new year.  I got on Instagram.  Now I'm really feeling techy.  Just don't expect twitter, or snapchat, or whatever else is out there to happen in this decade. K?  So now I'd be tickled if you chose to follow me on:

One more thing, STAY TUNED: because I thought of something to do with the sleeves.  (After I told Rebekah I had no ideas and she cut them up for rags!). 

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top Ten Project Posts from 2016 on Kammy's Korner

And that's a wrap on the year 2016!

No, we're not flying around in hover crafts like I thought we would be by now BUT Ryobi makes a fabulous cordless nail gun and that's even more awesome!

So what a year it's been!  I have slowed down on the blogging, which means trying to narrow it down to my top posts this year was much easier.  Normally I'm working with a couple hundred.  But there was still plenty that got done - and perhaps that's why I didn't blog as much.  Who's got time to do it all? :)  I'm sure not wonder woman.  I know, I know, sorry to disappoint!

So in no particular order, here are the top ten projects on Kammy's Korner for the year 2016.
Click the photo to take you to the post!

Cleaning up and landscaping the ROOT CELLAR:

We cut open a doorway into the newly renovated sunroom - complete with a sliding barn door that was actually on an old barn!

Since we were in "cutting into walls" mode, we also cut a "window" between the kitchen and eating area.

While we're in the sunroom area, the barn door from a forsaken Iowa farm was a hit:

Perhaps one of my faves of the year was restoring the gate house
 at the end of our driveway to it's original.  

We installed electric in-floor heating in the otherwise heatless sunroom
 to keep from seeing our breath in January:

Since we had so much fun ripping aluminum siding off the gate house,
we took our chances and did it to the garden shed also.  Love discovering where old windows once were and bringing the history back!  Plus, I don't have to be as scared of the big hairy spiders that might attack me in the dark when that door swings shut!

Last year when I was home in Iowa, I was lucky enough to inherit the Hayes "cob box" that my Dad's family kept corn cobs in to keep the fire going in the stove.  It got repurposed into a book case for our library on the landing.

As if there aren't enough projects to work on in our old house, the tenants moved out of the rental next door and we are working on those renovations now!  My favorite project so far is the stenciled wood floors in the guest room!

And last and maybe even least (hey I gotta throw in a furniture makeover)
is this peice of crap dresser I picked up on the curb for free and worked a little magic on - even after it had a big ole bad spot on the wood that was unfixable! :)

And now..... I'm off to make 2017 a great year!!!
If you have a great project from 2016, please brag to me about it in the comments!! :)

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