Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rusty Metal, Little Girls, and Free Storage!

I got some super good "junk" out of a friend's garage a couple months ago.  
I think I surprised them when I took this rusted metal cabinet - they kinda gave me the "whatever, Kammy" look. 

After cleaning it up, the first order of business was to add some casters.
But as I try to tell all you people, I'm no expert on this stuff.  Now this probably would have worked just fine if we had just went to the store and bought what we needed.  But I was pretty sure I had what we needed in my "stashes".  Nope.   Wrong type.  They wobbled and fell out and Hubby only has so much patience with my projects before he walks away... so I decided they weren't that important after all....😒

Tori claimed this piece as her own after she saw that most of her slime-making ingredients would fit nicely in the drawers, and that she could paint over the metal with her favorite color - aqua blue.
And of course, she insisted doing it herSELF. :) She's eight now, so this works out much better than when she was two.  I added some Webpatch powder to the paint so that it would be extra durable and not scratch.  It did the trick!

We picked out some coordinating scrapbook paper from my paper hoard and lined the rusty drawers.

I can't believe I convinced her to keep the front of the drawers rustic.  I fully expected a full out battle over it. 😜   WD-40 made the rusty stubborn handles move again and this thing is now chuck full with bottles of Elmer's Glue, shaving cream, glitter, corn starch, lotion, and whatever else she puts in that slime of hers.  So much better than piled in empty tissue boxes under her dresser.  😂

I totally get that this a completely different style than the beautiful Duncan Phyfe dresser next to it, but we go for function and eclectic (and free!). 

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Tori's Duncan Phyfe Dresser

There's this little po-dunky place that is one of my favorite places ever to treasure hunt.
I feel like I'm giving away a secret, but since I don't live in Iowa, I don't feel the need to hide this source for good junk.  What, you can't tell me you aren't the same!  Like if you share a good spot someone is going to get the good stuff before you so you just keep it to yourself and sneak over like a little sneaky snake....  I'm even guilty of not hitting "like" on a garage sale ad I see on Facebook for fear it will bring attention to the sale and all the good stuff will be gone before I get there.  I know!!!  I tell my kids "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU" and then I think like THAT!  Oy.  I have some work to do on my selfishness.  

So what is this place?  Black Sheep Antiques in Parkersburg, Iowa.
When I'm in Iowa, I call Robert up to make sure the store is open before driving out there because you never know if he's at an auction or something.  And as soon as I ask if the store is open, he knows it's "that girl from Michigan" just by my voice.  Apparently I have a distinct (weird?) voice.  So I saw this Duncan Phyfe dresser out there for a good deal - but it was a little rough.  Rough doesn't scare me as long as all the drawers work good - and they did.  I didn't have room to bring it home, so my parents brought it out with them on a visit and then it sat in Tori's room for almost a year all dark and scary in the corner.  Until this week, actually, when I said, enough is enough.  Let's paint that dark bad boy in the corner.  

(Sorry wood lovers, the wood really was in pooey shape. You just can't tell in the pic.  I promise, cross my heart.)  Oh oh, I forgot I took a pic!  Here's some proof:

My daughter has about 5,083 pieces of clothing and her little bitty dresser just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I moved this into her room even though it didn't match but dude, she was desperate for some more space. Mind you, she only wears six of those 5,083 articles of clothing, but she MIGHT some day so ya know... we must hang on to ALL OF THEM.  Hmmm.... wonder where she gets that.  Not to mention all the empty tissue boxes that were stashed under this dresser before I took the picture because ya know... they might make good trinket boxes!  (I've created... a hoarding monster!)

So I know the walls look gray in this picture, but they really are a shade of light aqua blue.
I used light aqua blue for the drawers too (not the same as the walls, who knows where that is by now!) and white on the rest of the dresser.
I love the hint of contrast.  It's not an in-your-face contrast, just slight.
Slight and light and bright.  Wanna fight?  I don't know why my kids think I'm so weird...

I used a sheet of sand paper to go over all the edges, nooks, and crannies for a distressed shabby chic look.  Cuz I like shabby chic and cuz if it happens to get scratched, well it won't be so noticeable. :)

Now, let's see if she can keep underneath the dresser cleared out, and the corner not piled with empty kleenex boxes.  Oh, and you know what else was under that dresser?  Sixteen containers of slime.  I added that to the 23 other containers I found.  She now has a special cabinet JUST for her slime.  There are almost 40 containers.  No wonder why I can't find anything to put hubby's sandwich in.
This slime craze has

Aren't those prints just the best?  I got four of them at an estate sale down the road from my house a few years ago.  They were still in the folder and are over 100 years old.  Hot dog!

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p.s. if you see Tori... please don't let on that you know some of her secrets...
Mom will be in big trouble.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yard Sale Hacks Round #3

So maybe it's because it's January, and it's freaking cold, and I can't leave my house because I can't stand to have a numb face, so I'm sitting here dreaming of my favorite time of year - that sweet sweet season - YARD SALE SEASON!

But if you brave the frigid temps, I'm sure you can find treasures just as good at your local thrift stores.  Especially now that some woman has a show on Netflix I think?  About the glorious life of a decluttered house?? :)  I keep seeing memes on Facebook about it anyway - I'm way out of touch with the Entertainment world!  But from the vibes I'm getting on social media, it means good things for us treasure seekers.

Up first - some wood canisters from a church rummage sale.  Can you spot the four pieces in the first pic... and then in the bottom pic of this little collage?  Distressed white paint = fantastic.  Pretty much always.

I did add some chalkboard paint on each piece,
(click here for my recipe) and some lath on the trash bin.

So shucks, I guess if you didn't want this for "trash" it's a good thing chalk is erasable.  You could use this to store cat food, wrapping paper, prosthetic hands, whatever you want really.

Next. This just needed a good cleaning and some paint to make the deer scene stand out.
Most cutouts like this are just attached with little nails that pop out easily when you slide a putty knife under the object you want removed and gently lift.

Adorable little bench makeover.  I love easy upholstery jobs - the back and seat cushions just screwed off to make recovering with my staple gun super easy!

Confession.  Although I have found cool fabric at yard sales before, the fabric to recover this bench did not come from one.
BUT it wasn't Joanns or Hobby Lobby that I found it at either.... are you ready for this?
Yes, we are lucky enough here in Jackson, Michigan, to still have a Walmart that carries fabric!
I was a little spastic when I found out some Walmart's were cutting the fabric section (oops - pun!) but went across the street and bought myself a treat at McDonalds when I found out our's was staying.  When you get good news, it's always a good idea to celebrate with a treat (as long as you stay in budget and order from the dollar menu.  You ever had their holiday pies?  Oh!  Yum!)

Isn't that fabric beautiful?  I heart myself some Waverly prints and love that
 I can find them at good ole' Wally World.

But really, you don't necessarily have to go that route for fabric either.
Let's talk "yard sale curtains". 
 If you're a repurposing guru, you already know that curtains, table clothes, fill-in-the-blank-textile, can be upcycled.  Check out these used curtains (and my precious mooky pooky smooky furbaby who loves them too!) as a "new" cover for a footstool and antique loveseat! 
 (Footstool and loveseat?  Yard sale finds too, or course!)

Up next: this... palm tree print that someone built a shelf around?
Interesting.... I went through a huge safari phase so I would have loved this, but it passed, and now I like white and chalkboard and aqua blue everything.  So I upcycled away....

Now this bench was a beauty.  I'm sure the yellow shag carpet upholstery was drool-worthy in 1972.  Let's just add some fresh paint and updated fabric!

Outdoor furniture seems to abound at the yard sales I frequent.  Don't let a little rusty metal scare ya, there's spray paint made for that business!

That's all the hacks I've got for you today, folks!  
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Friday, December 21, 2018

Through The Years: Family Christmas Card Through The Years

It's a Kammy's Korner tradition! 

And it's that time of year!

Time to share the annual "through the years" Christmas photo!

So I sorta did a "thing" this year.  Wrote a "Christmas Letter" of sorts. I know lots of people do that, but not this girl. I'm not sure you can really call it a "letter" since I did it on the back of a postcard and had to squeeze it all in to fit on the left side of a 4x6.  You know one thing I'm really good at and I ain't afraid to brag about?  Condensing down thousands of words to just a few that will fit on a postcard and still saying kind of what I want to say.  I typed, and retyped, and took out "ands" and replaced with "&"s and abbreviated... made the font so small people will probably need a magnifying glass....  My sister said it sounded like something my Dad would write, and when he writes a Christmas letter, half his recipients have no clue what he's trying to say - if he's being serious, joking, WHAT.  Like the year he said my sister was working for Sealy Mattresses testing the endurance of a mattress.  It was a joke.  She spent lots of time sleeping in that year and taking naps. People from all over were asking how her job at the mattress company was going.  ANYWAYS, this is all for reals and here goes:

"Other than the hens getting eaten by weasels & our kitty dying from a nerf bullet diet, it's been a great year. Visited Mex, Nashville, Iowa, Lake Mich, Boyne Mnt (Tori learned to ski!), and Tim & I
celebrated 18 years of marriage on Mrytle Beach. We stay busy as Airbnb Hosts & have lots of fun, weird, inspiring, annoying, but mostly cool stories to tell renting our backyard cabin and unique home next door. You name the reason, they've stayed here for that reason. Had 2 barn sales selling revamped "junk" as Tim calls it. On top of mowing our 10 acres, the kids have started helping some with lawn jobs and earning a little $.$ Tori is the newest weed whippin' woman on the block. Tobin's 7th grade basketball team just went undefeated. Ty is in 5th grade and saves all his energy and volume for when he walks in the door after school. 3rd grader Tori wants to make all.the.things. on Pinterest and is unconcerned with how many spelling words she misses. Tim plays bball before putting in a day's work at Consumers Energy, is Sunday school superintendent, and preaches the good news of God's free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ on many a Sunday night. A copacetic Christmas to you and yours! Tim, Kammy, Tobin, Ty, and Tori"

Yes, I'm wearing high heels, he is taller than me now!

Wow.  We've come a long way, Baby!
As in blurry photography skills, sunburned noses, family size... :)

Let's start way back in the year 2000 - Our very first Christmas picture
when it was just the two of us:

still just us two in 2001:

2002: our fur babies became our babies!



Pregnant with baby numero uno in 2005:

And now we have a real baby, not just fur ones! 

The year we photoshopped Tobin's eyes open - eek - 2007:


That time we took the photo in our friend's bathroom - 2008:

Two sweet boys and pregnant with our little girl in 2009:




2013: oops, skipped that year!

First photo at "The Lefere Mansion" (Trail Acres) 2014:




We took this photo on a whim - one of our tenants that lived on our property here called wanting to borrow a snow sled so while he was on the phone we talked him into walking out to the waterfalls in the backyard to snap our picture!  This is on the shorter eight foot falls (see the waterfalls post HERE).


Taken on the beach at Sheboygan, Wisconsin while celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary - 2017

And the card that we mailed out this year -  2018:
(And in case you're wondering, yes my oldest boy is a few inches taller than me now!)

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful Kammy's Korner readers - thank you so much for following along in our endeavors!! 

 May you KNOW the true reason for the season, which is not what we so often make it about - packages under the tree, cookies, and warm fuzzy feelings - but the gift of God's son.  Born to a virgin almost two centuries ago, who's only purpose was to allow men to nail him to a cross, where God would punish him for our sins, because he had none of his own.  What an incomprehensible gift to mankind!  A SAVIOR!!  Merry Christmas!

"For the wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord"  Romans 6:23

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(Click photo for winter wonderland photos at our house!)