Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Barn Boardwalk {Salvaged Wood & Weddings}

 "Do you ever just get overwhelmed with it all?" people often ask me.  Man, are you kidding me?  Just look at the back of this barn! Yup, sure do!  But when we first bought this place, Aunt Dee told me something that struck me.  "You eat an elephant one bite at a time."  And we've been eating lots of elephant bites over the last five years.  But when suddenly you have a deadline - like a big classy wedding in our hillbilly world - scheduled at your place,  you gotta start inhaling elephant like you're in an eating contest with your life on the line!

In April, my friend Laura asked me if she could use our place as her wedding venue.  August 31st was to be the big day.  Four months to get ready.  Easy peasy.

Okay, so I'm cheating a little when I show you some of these before pictures, because these are circa 2014.  This is when we starting eating some of the "barn elephant".  So to keep it real, some of this was done before this summer, like getting all the vines down, getting the door to work again, and the paint job.

Let yours eyes drift over to the left of that big red silo.  That's what this blog post is going to focus on today.  Because the bride and the caterer decided it would be perfect to have the food line out back of the barn right there.... and so begins the Salvaged Wood Board Walk!

Just clearing this area out, with all the buried boulders and vines was quite a task!
The rake on the back of the tractor helped a lot!

I actually took the picture of this barn beam in my tractor bucket to post it for sale on Facebook, but it never made it that far!

Who just has two spare barn beams laying around with no home?  We do! 
Turns out they were the perfect base or edge for the South side of our walkway.

We used lots of old asphalt (that had previously been the floor in the barn) to fill this area in, as well as dirt and ashes from our perpetual debris fire in the backyard.  

Rather than buying new wood, we went through my hoards of wood stashes to find what we needed.  Believe me when I say I'm a wood hoarder!  Just look at my hubby and I fighting over whether to save or burn wood from the old corn crib:

Good thing I usually win that fight, because we didn't spend a dime on this walkway! 

There's also no shortage of boulders around here.  I know people who pay money for those things!  Treasure trove in my own yard, I tell ya!

After leveling the barn beams, securing plywood on top, and adding some beautiful rocks, I started the job of rounding up every piece of 3/4" thick wood I had.  Mind you, it had to be at least six feet long!  That nixed a lot of what I had.  I had  saved boards from the windmill renovations, the corn crib, barn, house, you name it , which meant a variety of finishes and color. 

When I thought I had every board I could possible find out of every building and stash, we were still five feet shy of finishing. I started digging in the rafters of the garage, piles I had long ago buried under old barn doors, and pulled out stuff with rotten edges.  We started splicing and cutting and low and behold had just enough right down to the last inch. This hot day and hard work and cutting it so close called for a little "sit" and a little "sigh of relief".

Okay now the boardwalk is complete but what the doozies is this?  We needed some sort of transition... but the old boulders from years gone by made digging this area and smoothing it out impossible so we decided mulch would save the day.  After spending a small fortune on black plastic for other landscaping projects (to be seen in future blog posts) I had had it with black plastic.  Not to mention how slippery that stuff is and well, slippery and mulch and traffic areas just don't go well together.  We had this large roll of carpet padding in one of our buildings leftover from when we got carpet installed in the Airbnb.  Or maybe the tenant house.  It all blurs together after awhile.  Anyway, I also found some old rugs, some plywood, some air mattresses with holes in them that I cut apart..... and covered the ground for weed control and then spread the cedar mulch on top.  When you look at landscaping around our place, you just never know what might be hiding underneath those stones or mulch!  And that's a fact.

So before you ask if this wood is treated and if it's going to last very long, the answer is no, and probably another no.  (Okay so some of the boards might be, but not all).  It was solely done for the wedding and we are hoping we at least get a couple good years from it.  But now that I look at it, and use it, and love on it, I don't want it to ever go the way of the Sears Catalog.  A friend suggested marine urethane.  Maybe I'll have to check into that before winter hits!

Isn't that thing just crazy full of character and rustic charm??

So here's how it worked for the food line at the wedding:

People came out of the big double sliding doors, walked down the board walk, and into the smaller door where the buffet of delicious Mediterranean food awaited.  I put that old vintage couch outside too for a little photo op, or if people couldn't stand in line.
Check out the groom in the doorway... and that pretty chandelier hanging over his head in the background!  Oooo lala.

The signs and hanging terracotta pots lined the aisle during the ceremony in our front yard and then were moved to line the boardwalk during the reception.

Just for fun, here's the wedding decorating and setting up crew breaking for some lunch.... on the boardwalk! :)

We've already had two get togethers since the wedding because I'm just so excited to have a "party barn"!  Below is from last weekend.  The cousins are having a blast with a good old fashioned kickball game while some of us who ate too many tacos sit on the boardwalk (barn deck in this case!) to observe and cheer! It's perfect when our Airbnb's are filled because this is like a separate "private" backyard and I don't feel like we're in our guest's space.  Win win!

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Stay tuned for more before and after outdoor projects from this summer!

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Monday, July 29, 2019

The Abandoned Buffet: All Hope Is Not Lost!

Well my outdoor work is being postponed by rain at the moment so I guess now is a good time to finish this post I started way back when!

I can't believe I almost "passed" on this old buffet that had been hanging out in a friend's grandpa's garage for what looked years. It was once upon a time such a  pretty thing, and I have a soft spot for buffets so I said "what the heck, toss it in the truck, I'll see what I can do with it".  Thankfully the missing wheel that made it look wonkier than it really was was hiding away in a drawer.

I sanded the top and restained it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. (Ask me to refinish wood anywhere but on a flat surface, and you'll get a different response!)

I won't go in to detail about how I got Tim to help me with the shelves on this but it might be because I listened to his advice and ripped off the veneer and it left me with a paper thin layer that if you set a an apple on it, it would fall through...  I'm the one here that works with furniture.  Duh.  Why would I do that?  So anyway, I had the side off of a different piece of furniture that I had dismantled and he was a sweetie and cut them down to size for the bottom of the buffet.

I painted it black with some DIY chalk paint. (Do I need to even say that?  For one, it's obviously black and two - would I ever buy chalk paint and not make it myself? I feel like it's a given, unless you've never visited this "Korner" before).  

Shout out to the Keelers for this gorgeous piece that is now in Michelle's home - I believe being used as a coffee bar!

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Monday, June 24, 2019

NOW OPEN! The Parma Antique Mall Upstairs!

Exciting news for Parma, Michigan!

 Darin has expanded the Antique Mall yet again!  After some blood, sweat, and tears... the upstairs is open!

  Okay let's be real. 
 The sweat could have filled as many buckets of plaster that I hauled out of there.  The only one crying any tears was Darin as he wrote checks for the work getting done.  And blood?  I'm sure someone bled at some point as I saw several different dudes in and out of the joint working on this project.  Haha.

Just CHECK THIS OUT!  A little overwhelming?  

Dust.  So. Much. Dust.

And yes, I'll always be a little miffed that he didn't paint those wood floors.  But don't tell Darin.  I don't want him to know I'm holding a grudge. 😜

And after the clean up crew (Darin's Dad Richard and I plus a few others here and there), the big guns moved in and went to work:

And here are the photos I took TODAY!  
Vendors have moved in and beautiful antiques are just waiting for you to snatch them up!  Here's the new staircase.  Come have a look-see:

So glad the gorgeous windows and door overlooking Main Street were saved!
(As they should be!  This is an ANTIQUE mall after all!)

And as always, here's Darin with a smile and a deal for YOU!

Make a morning of it! 
Ferg's is now serving breakfast on the weekends.  Browse the Parma Antique Mall all morning.  Lunch at Cindy's new eat-in dining area (may I recommend the philly cheese steak hoagie??).  Then come stay with me in my Airbnb cabin or Gidley Station.  Yeah?

Open EVERY DAY now from 10:00 - 6:00.
Click HERE to like the PARMA ANTIQUE MALL on Facebook!  Pictures posted frequently of new merchandise coming in!  Stay in the know!

As always, thanks for dropping by Kammy's Korner!
Stay tuned to Kammy's Korner for some fabulous furniture flips and what's going on around this old historic estate.  Like windmills, barns, and who knows what else!

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