Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zebra For Zee Hair

I'm a happy girl.  Finally got an order in for some zebra flowers!  ALSO, got camouflage flowers!!!!  How cool is that?  They should be a hit over in these here parts of the country!  Our country girls wear camo, and it ain't gotta be pink camo, either! :)
You can purchase these in Kammy's Korner Store for just $4!!!

I think these are my favorite clips to date.  I debated about whether to keep them for my own little girl or put them up for sale.  But, I figure I can always make more for her.....  Can't wait until my craft room is DONE!!!!  It's CLOSE!  Pics to come hopefully sooner than later!!

These partially lined alligator clips are the BEST!  They stay in slippery baby hair, you can easily clip them to a knitted hat or headband, clip them on a belt, scarf, or other accessory....  just love them!    I don't actually have the patience to line them myself, however.  I buy them pre-lined at my secret online source.  It's a secret because I'm waiting on them to get back with me about advertising on Kammy's Korner!  No news is probably not good news in this case!

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