Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bag Makeover GONE WRONG

Looks nice, does it not??? Well......
It started out as this nice bag that held  all those eye medications with their confusing schedules, paper work to  sign my life away, brochures about how my life would change, etc.  

I made all the rosettes out of a huge chunk of fabric I got while dumpster diving once.  I  hot glued each on on as I made them... not realizing that the hot glue was going right through to the other side! I hot glued the bag together.  I couldn't even pull it apart without it ripping off in big chunks. I'M SO MAD AT MYSELF!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Faux purse anyone?????

Just make sure you carry it on the right side, cuz the back ain't pretty. Any ideas all you creative geniuses out there on what to do with it now??

Speaking of creative geniuses, did you see all those amazing link ups yesterday at Trash 2 Treasure on the Korner?!  Be sure to click on #29 and be prepared.... it's awesome! (well, they all are!) :)


  1. Make a decorative's too pretty to waste:)

  2. I think you could trim around the flowers and attach them to another bag. No reason it should go completely to waste!

  3. Haha! I mean...oh no! Totally sounds like something I would do--love the look of it though!

  4. I'm surprised that I haven't done that yet......cut the flowers out & save them for another project :)

  5. I'm jumping on the cut the flowers out and put them on something else bandwagon! :)


  6. Could you make it into a pillow somehow?! I think it's so pretty and all the work that goes into those flowers...I wouldn't cut the flowers off, I would just trim the edges, attach a backing and call it a beautiful pillow ;)
    Why do I think of things like this? I ALWAYS find myself in these kind of situations. Especially in sewing projects. UGH! ;)

  7. LOL! Totally sounds like something I would do! Don't sweat it. We've all done stuff like that. ;)

  8. Jumping on the bandwagon here - cut out the flowers and glue them to another bag. If you are like me and have a lot of reusable bags just waiting for a makeover. If not they are easy enough to find for a buck or so.


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