Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stenciled Typography Pillows

I've been wanting to do some pillows with words on them for awhile, but now that I've got these super long window seats that I want to just fill up with comfy pillows and texture... well it was time to do just that.  I dug in my fabric stash - yes every good DIYer should have a fabric stash - and found some off white linen-like material.  I  had a big ugly square pillow that I cut the fabric to cover and then I made a big mistake and thought I would make my second one by stuffing it with batting.  UGH HELLO BUMPY FRUMPY PILLOW!  I totally messed that thing up.  Oh well, I try to tell ya'll that I'm not always good at what I do - ha! :)

So for the paint, I just used some homemade dark gray chalk paint I had on hand (paint with Plaster of Paris dissolved in hot water stirred into it).  I didn't even bother with a fabric medium.  I have also learned I ain't as good at eye-balling as I like to think I am and so I use a strip of tape to keep my words straight.

I love my "Happy Place" pillow - cuz this sunny room is exactly that - my happy place!!!

And then - ummm errrrr - there is the "Gather" pillow.  It's kind of embarrassing.  But hey.  We all have some bumps and frumps in our life.  So I'm keeping it on display.  Life isn't all roses, and pillows can't all be smooth and perfect. :)

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  1. Good for you! I'll be creating today ... I'll be machine embroidering winter things and names onto 4 cuffs to put onto 4 stockings I've already made and quilted, then on to making several pillowcases, then finally embroidering names onto four stockings for my own house. Whew! May have to finish a few things another day!

  2. Your pillows look great and I just love that window seat! That is beautiful room.


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