Monday, May 9, 2016

Cupboard Door Signs Using the Hinges To Hang!

So let me tell you about this exciting day.  The day my aunt Linda said she had some "junk" in her shed she wanted to get rid of and I could have some.  Oh if I could kick my heels together... I would have!
My junkin' buddy Rebekah on the left, me double thumbs-upping, and Aunt Linda

Among some other treasures, was this pile of old vintage kitchen cabinet doors.  Best thing about them - the hinges were still on!  That made it super easy to hang them with jute rope.  Score!

I painted them with chalk paint (find my recipe HERE) and stenciled my quotes and designs on.  After distressing them with sand paper, I sealed them so they wouldn't scratch with Modge Podge.

The leaves are actually just the corner of a really BIG stencil I got from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I just drape a corner of it onto my sign.  Here's the whole thing so you can see what I mean:


This quote on the next sign totally applies only to this temporal life, by the way.  Like when you're shredding the slopes, or riding RAGBRAI. :)

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  1. LOVE THESE! You took some ho-hum doors and really gave them a second life. Gorgeous color choices, too.

  2. These signs are fantastic what a great upcycle. Love the picture choices to.

  3. You are so lucky to have been given all those cupboard doors. Can find them at our Habitat but noticed last time there the prices have gone up to $5 on some. Thrift stores here, Habitat and Goodwill prices have all gone up to then make things with them. What's a junker, re-doer to do?
    Love all your signs, they're fantastic. Love how you combined use of stencils with lettering, do you make vinyl lettering or stencils on cutting machine? I have Cricut Explore Air so need to learn to make stencils/vinyl lettering on it to make signs. What there is about making signs I have no idea but so love making them. Would feel great if my signs would look as good as yours. Do you sell lots of signs?
    You have inspired me so better get my stencils and cutting machine ready. Happy week

  4. What an awesome idea to use the hinges to hang your gorgeous signs. Love it!!


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