Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Two Tone (former) Sewing Cabinet

When I'm in Iowa, one of my new favorite places to go is Black Sheep Antiques in Parkersburg.  He has some REAL deals.  I'm talking deals.  I almost didn't want to put that out there because I don't want to let my secrets out of the bag!!  But...  since I will probably only  make it there once a year, I guess I shouldn't be selfish.

This sewing cabinet was one of my great finds there:

The finish was really coming off of the top so I decided to take it down to the bare wood and refinish it.  I painted the rest of it, because I'm lazy like that plus I LOVE the two-tone look.

I'm totally ADD.  Like really.  I was working on this outside the mudroom door.  
Every time I walked outside I'd pick up the sander and do a little sanding... then get bored and go do something else.  It seriously took me days, because I would just come sand for a spell, and get distracted by something else I saw.  

I found some walnut stain I had on hand and rubbed in on the top with a clean rag, then put a coat of varnish over the top.  When using a rag, wear gloves, unless you're okay with having brown fingernails for a few days.  Super attractive.

All I did to spruce up the tarnished door handle was took some 80 grit sand paper to it.  Shined right up!

After painting it an off white color (a mistint I picked up), I sanded the edges for a shabby chic distressed look.

Side note: My partner in crime/fun/junking/decorating, Maran, made me that gorgeous paper wreath last time she came to see me.  Gah - I love it!!!  Have wanted one forever.  She does the best ones and this one is made from old sheet music.  
Now I can stage like my blogging buddy Start At Home does!  Okay, I'll never quite be able to stage like her, she's pretty awesome in that department and well I'm... not.  :)

Yup, I hung an upcycled price tag on it that I painted with chalkboard paint, priced it, and brought it back to Iowa to sell at my friend Becky from The Logbook's barn sale. 

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  1. I picked one of these up for free at the end of a yard sale when the people were giving the left overs away. I thought it was an end table at first! To put the cherry on top, the machine works! Great job on your rehab!

    You should share this awesome post at my weekly link party! : )


    Hope to see you there!


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