Our Home Tour

Attention to my wonderful blog visitors!

Please note we have moved to a "new" old historic home.
I do not feel comfortable sharing what is now someone else's home so I have removed all the previous links and will slowly be adding the rooms of our new house as I blog on them.
Thanks for understanding!

Click on the photo to take you 
to the room you wish to see from our old historic home:

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(Hoping to do a full room reveal in the future- stay tuned!)

The Mud Room was a "Gut and Start Over" room!
This is a must see before and after:


  1. wow, looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Your home looks so warm and inviting. I love it! You've done a beautiful job so far and can't wait to see more!

  3. Your home makes me ache to move to the south were we can buy a house like that. Im so tired of my desert stucco house. This is just stunning!

  4. Congratulations, you have a wonderful house!

  5. Absolutely stunning home! Light, airy and classic looking....yet warm, lived in and cozy. Love the staircases. :~)

  6. Your home is amazing. I thought the outside was stunning and then I seen the inside and it is just as beautiful. You, your husband and children should be very proud of what you have achieved and I agree with Lydia 'I also love the staircases'.

  7. Your home is beautiful! The bathroom sink that sits in the corner...original? I have never seen a sink mounted like that, the products/design that is most common these days can not hold a candle to the older cast iron fixtures!

  8. Holy Cow! Your house is truly beautiful inside and out. I have to ask where abouts are you located, what state. I need to move there and buy and beautiful old house like that. Charming and elegant

  9. I'm in LOOOOVE w/ your home! it's gorgeous...and the idea above the mantle is a super cute and creative idea w/ the frames and old strips of material! I'd always be happy to come home here everyday! Well DONE!


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